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Arshia NaghizadehMr. WeinrauchAmerican Literature09 January 2018Women in The Great Gatsby The 1920’s were a special time in history, when women had much more power and respect from others. Many people had just come back to the U.S. from the first World War, causing the workforce to increase and giving the economy a boost. An effect of more happiness in the U.S. was the increased power for women, even in little things, like making decisions for the family. The novel, The Great Gatsby, takes place in this time, and though the story is not about women, it does a great job of showing how women were viewed in that time period. When Nick first goes to one of Gatsby’s parties, readers are presented with a clear example of how women had more power over men than they may have had in a different time. “The wives were sympathizing with each other in sightly raised voices. ‘Whenever he sees I’m having  a good time he wants to go home.’ ‘Never heard anything so selfish in my life'” (Fitzgerald 36). After the party is nearing its end, Nick overhears some women talking about how they aren’t going to go home, even though their husbands want to, showing that women could at times have some power in making simple decisions like when to go home. Towards the end of the book, there is a woman that talks back to Nick, saying “You young men think you can force your way in here any time” (Fitzgerald 124). The woman talks to Nick, in a seemingly aggressive tone, showing that things like this are not really out of the ordinary. She yells at him and tells him to get out, until she finds out he is there about Gatsby, and lets him talk to Wolfsheim. In this situation, it is the woman that is above the man.Even though the gender roles may not have been the same in the 1920’s as they are in 2018, there are still many instances that show that this time period was a prosperous one, where people of different genders and races could have somewhat of an equal footing in society, especially in places like New-York. For example, Jordan Baker has already figured out her life and is successful before she gets engaged to a man. And even though woman can still be seen as unequal by men, Jordan Baker is proof that even if it may be hard, women did have the possibility of achieving success without the help of a man. 


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