Any action taken by your employee which is

Any action taken by your employee which is unethical can be a big concern
for the company’s reputation. If any employee charges a customer more price
than the actual and tries to sell unnecessary items to a customer, the customer
might pay but later on they will be spreading the word about the unfair
treatment to anyone who is related to the product.

Following business ethics helps you retain the customers gradually and
eventually, because they know and can see the quality of services provided, and
it also can lead to popularity of your company in the market. mentioning all
the ethical activities operating in your company on the companies website helps
to keep the business transparent as well as clean to the public which gains
trust over time.  For example, the
classic mystery shopper strategy could be used to keep check on your employees
way to approach to the customers. Giving out considerable rewards to employees
who reports unethical behaviour in the workplace. So, this might save inside
and outside of the company’s reputation.

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To strengthen your ethical code a company has to take care about its
impact on its surroundings which will build better social relationships with
the community. For example, state the activities related to charity work done
or any donation or significant help done for the people during crisis on the
website of the company, also mention the usage of green products and disposing
method which does not pollute the environment whatsoever

Sustainability is one of the
most common form of keeping track on the company’s decisions over the treatment
of their employees and the people getting affected. From a cheap coffee maker
to the quality of the chairs , It represents your company in the society that
how responsible you are with the choices you make by spending wisely. You may
have to go the society and spread the word about your activities supporting the
social responsibility but sometimes when you cant have enough reach some
observers or say competitors will come to you and judge your company by all
those irresponsible choices you make in day to day activities. Making sure that
you purchase your materials from a quality place will save your company from
all those hidden threats.


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