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Annie “My name is Annie Johnson and I was convicted of first-degree murder.” Narrator On August 5th of 2003, a 911 call has been reported gunshots in Tahoe City, California. 911 operator “911, whats your emergency?” Witness  “I heard uh, gu-gunshots! I think my-my neighbor has been shot” Narrator Police had found the perpetrator, 32-year-old Annie Johnson, trying to flee the scene, while her 58-year-old husband, Matthew Locus was left bleeding to death. Matthew had collapsed on his kitchen floor. There was an extensive amount of blood. Annie claimed the shooting was an accident, but evidence contradicted her story. Is Annie Johnson guilty of intentional murder, or has she caused a cold-blooded accidental murder?Patricia Burrey/Annie’s grandmother “Annie was outgoing, everyone around her would always see her smiling. She was everybody’s sweetheart”Narrator Annie Johnson was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She was the only child of her parents, Sam Johnson and Maryanne Johnson. Annie was just 7 years old when her parents filed for divorce and Annie’s mother remarried several times. After years of abuse from her mothers drinking as well as her recent boyfriends’ addiction, Annie was taken to live with her grandparents. Annie “My grandparents pretty much raised me. And my mother remarried a total of 5 times” Gloria Flores/Annie’s friend “Annie had a lot of stepdads, her own mom was more of a friend than a mother.”Narrator Under the care and protection of her grandmother, Annie grew up with fun-loving care. Hailey Mcilroy/Annie’s Highschool friend “Annie was a big time joker, she would always do crazy things.” Narrator But Annie’s actions started to become too much. Annie wasn’t hanging around the right crowd, which led to underage drinking. Annie “My drinking addiction started when I was 16, just partying and having fun”Patricia Burrey/Annie’s grandmother “Annie grew up watching her mother drink, and I drank. There was always alcohol around.”Narrator Annie met and started dating Matthew when she worked at a local bar at the age 24. Being a significant amount older than Annie, her family refused marriage. Ignoring her families wishes, Annie rushed marrying Matthew Locus at age 25 and moved in with him. Annie “I loved Matthew, he did everything for me. I was looking for love and I believe I found it with him.” Patricia Burrey/Annie’s grandmother “Annie fell in love all the time, she was an extremely beautiful girl and got attention from the whole city of Tahoe. She fell in love with anyone that gave her any kind of attention” Narrator Annie’s marriage was not as she thought. Matthew himself had several drinking problems as well as domestic abuse incidents in the past. But Annie continued to accept his abuse later on. Annie “Matthew had treated me right until our fourth year of marriage. That was when his drinking had become extremely abusive. He would say things to me referring me to a whore, he would hit me on my back with a wooden stick, he would pull my hair, hit my face. He would even threaten to kill me and my family if I ever told. So, I never told anybody.”Narrator Annie had refused any intentional harm to Matthew. With collecting evidence such as blood, fingerprints, and research, we were able to identify the crime scene itself. With Matthews self-destructive behavior, and constant mood swings we believed that would end in a disaster. After just a month later of constant abuse, Matthew came home from work and was in the living room watching his show with a bottle of vodka in his left hand, and a glass in the other. Annie claimed that when he got home he demanded something to eat, on her way to the kitchen he had grabbed her arm and pulled her down to his face. She could smell the intense amount of alcohol he had been drinking that evening, he then pushed her away as hard as he could causing her her stubble on the carpet floor. When she had served Matthew his plate, he was passed asleep, slouched over in his reclining chair, mouth open as he deeply inhales and exhales causing him to only choke on his own saliva. Annie saw an opportunity to escape her marriage, she ran back into her bedroom and grabbed the gun she had stored in there for emergency break-ins. When she was ready, she pulled the gun back causing Matthew to wake up in anger. Annie “When he was woken up, he stood at 6’2″ in complete anger, he was uncomprehending of what was happening. He grabbed me by the neck and pushed me down, causing me to drop the gun. Fearing what he would do if he laid his hands on that weapon, I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a skillet and smashed his head so hard the handle had broken off. When he was on the ground in the kitchen, I grabbed the gun and intended to shoot his leg, but his arm had grabbed my leg causing me to move the gun upward and shot him right in the heart.” Narrator When police fled the scene, they saw Matthew on the floor in the kitchen bleeding out with blunt force trauma to the left side of his skull and two shootings in one, his right leg and his heart causing him to die instantly. Annie was charged with first-degree murder, and sentenced life in prison with no possible way of parole.


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