Annie who took numerous pictures of the

Annie Leibovitz was born on October 2nd 1949 in Waterbury, Connecticut. She is
most well known for her portrait photographs and her picture of John Lennon the day
that he was assassinated. Ms. Leibovitz was the first woman to have an exhibit opened
for her at the Washington National Portrait Gallery in 1991. Annie Leibovitz said that she
is most inspired by the Richard Avedon, who was a fashion and portrait photographer.
Annie Leibovitz is the middle of 6 children born into a middle class family living in
Connecticut. An interesting fact about her father is that he was a lieutenant colonel in
the U.S. Air Force. She began her career in photography when her family was living in
the Philippines during the War in Vietnam. She later went on to study at San Francisco
Art Institute where she studied the art of painting. As her life progressed she kept her
passion for photography even while she when to Israel to work on a kibbutz, which is a
type of farm where they worked to improve the Israeli economy. Annie Leibovitz worked
on the world famous magazine Rolling Stones in the mid 1970’s. While working there
she was named the chefi photographer. She also was the the photographer who took
numerous pictures of the world famous band The Rolling Stoned and was the main
photographer of their 1975 world tour. On December 8th 1980, Annie Leibovitz had a
photoshoot with John Lennon, and was the last known professionally photographed
session of his before getting assassinated hours later. In 2007, she was also a major

part of the portrait project for Queen Elizabeth II. Also in April of the same year, there
were leaked photos of then 15 year old Miley Cyrus topless which turned out to be a
huge scandal, and was then found out to be taken by Annie Leibovitz. Annie Leibovitz
has 3 children, but only one being born directly to her. Her first daughter was born in
October of 2001. Her two other daughters were born to a surrogate mother in may of
2005. Leibovitz had a relationship with Susan Sontag until her death in 2004. A more
recent famous photograph of her’s is on the cover of Vanity Fair of then pregnant
Serena Williams. She also took pictures of Michael Jackson for the cover of Vanity Fair.
She also took a picture of Sting naked in the Dessert once, which raised a lot of
eyebrows, but ended up being very successful.

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I like this picture because it shows the real true feelings of the Queen when she is with her dogs
who she loves.

I like this picture because it is the last known picture before John Lennon was

I like this picture because it shows the real emotion of this man and why he is surprised.