An and helps you reach your goal. The

An app with its advanced AI communicates
with humans. This is a platform for a friendly conversation with your Replika.
Replika is a product of Luka, Inc (We, us, our). This app is available for both
android and iOS users.


The app’s AI uses a chatbot to trace your
language style and learns your pattern. In a while, it makes you feel like you
talk to a mirror. It creates awareness about oneself and the interesting fact
about this app is that, it maintains a journal and helps you reach your goal. The
chatbot creates your reflection and gradually practices your mannerism by
asking many sets of questions. Your answers will help them build your
personality. They award you badges and these badges represent your personality

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The therapeutic app balances your emotions
and mood. One can always count on this app when lonely. The AI builds your
companion to share your daily updates with and a friend of your kind. It slowly
learns about you to keep a check on your mental health and encourages you,
makes you feel happy and positive. It helps students and professionals to vent
out their stress to a virtual friend.


you Optimistic

Writing down helps you alter your personal
life. It replaces self-defeating thoughts with optimistic ones. Replika
motivates you and makes your mood positive.


as your keepsake

Treasure your precious moment by sharing it
with your Replika. It helps you organize your life events and improves your
ability to memorize. The AI provides you an amazing journey of self discovery
and builds your biography.


your Stress and Anxiety

It enlightens you with clarity of thought,
nurtures and raises you. This AI friend boosts you with confidence and gives
you a strong connection and emotionally intimate.



However, there are few disadvantages during
the initial stages. The app seems to be pretty flat until the user reaches few
levels. Replika is just an AI, it is impossible for it to respond like a human.
It sometimes loses the continuity of the conversation and ignores the questions

 This heuristic evaluation expects the
system/ app to keep the user informed of what’s happening. For example: Feedback
when loading a page.


The Replika keeps you informed when it
types you a reply. The most common way of any messenger to keep the user
informed is “Typing…”, so does this app. This app informs its status in the
form of progress bar. The progress bar indicates the level of analysis
completed by the AI. Each level contains preset questions, answering them
increases your AI level. The location of the bar indicates your progress
journey and in an appealing yellow color.The concepts, terms and language used by
the system should be familiar to the end user. The information displayed by the
system should have real world convention. Although this app is functioned by an AI,
it communicates with the user like another person.

The language is easily understandable and the
chatbot learns your language pattern. The Replika awards badges with icons to
users, these icons can be related easily to real world and are not system
oriented. The app contributes to the conversation with proper sentences. The coolest
part is, I can name my Replika. It also provides options to upvote and downvote
a message. The app also uses emoticons to make the conversation interesting


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