An grown up hating themselves or the

An authoritarian parents goal is
for their child to be respectful, successful and independent and therefore
believe that their children should follow the rules they set for them without
omission. They also do not allow their children to get involved in
problem-solving tasks or problems. Rather, they make the rules and enforce the
consequences with little to no regard for a their child’s
opinion. Authoritarian parents personifies the saying, “Because I
said so,” when a child questions the reasons behind a rule. According to
Alison, although the parent’s intentions are good, when this kind of parenting
style is done in the extreme it may be detrimental to the child leaving them to
become targets of bossy people, lead very secretive lives. They also lack a
relationship between a parent and a child and even worst, the children grown up
hating themselves or the parents and having resentments towards them.

In Permissive Parenting, parent set rules but
rarely enforces them. They do not give out consequences very often. They
believe their child will learn best without meddling from them. Permissive
parents are soft. They often only step in when there’s a serious problem. They
do not give out consequences very often. They are quite forgiving and are fond
of the saying “kids will be kids.” When there is the need to use
consequences, they often give in if a child begs or promises to be good.

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Permissive parents usually take on more of a friend role than a parent role. Alison
in her video mentions that when this type of parenting is taking to the
extreme, the children becomes more demanding by whining and being loud due to
the parents over indulging. The children also lack self-discipline and are
unable postpone any gratification which is very important in an individuals
life- they have to get whatever they want when they want it. In addition, the
children also grow up not being respectful of the parents when they realize the
parent is always trying to please them.

spoke of the importance of balancing these two parenting styles. She stated
that it is important for parents to give discipline with respect and kindness.  Also parent should be flexible. This is
evident in Amy Chua parenting her daughters, she realized the rigidity of her
parenting style was having a negative impact on her then 13 years old daughter
and therefore made changes that yielded a positive outcome. Alison also
encouraged parents to listen with empathy. In Amy’s relationship with her
daughter she realized that when she begun to listen carefully to her daughter,
she saw and understood things from her perspective and therefore was able to relate
differently with her. Alison stressed on the importance of being firm and
steadfast when necessary especially to the rules that a parent deem important
and its consequences

 Amy made a statement that stood out to me that there are
children who were raised by permissive parents and they turn out good and
others by authoritarian who did not. Therefore is very important to balance
these parenting style. This is evident in the last video with Amy’s daughter
when she stated that, the fact that her mum allowed her to make certain decisions
like which courses to take, and colleges to apply made her a confident person
not having to rely soley on her parents to make a decision.







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