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an operational process is a process in which a worker moves the work places one by one according to a production process in order to make the work rational and efficient by sequentially investigating the contents and interrelationships of the work. but this process does not always yield the results we want. There are some situations that cause problems.First in a demand limited situation. in this situation, each process does not need to exert its own capacity. Because we do not have tot constantly create products that the consumer does not need. However, we do not have to supply every time to meet such limited demands. Even if the demand is limited supply can be continued to make seasonal inventories which will be needed for the future.Second in a supply limited situation. There are two types input limited situation and capacity limited situations. An input limited situation where raw materials cannot keep up with the demand. It can be solved by securing raw materials in advance. A capacity limited situation is a condition where there is sufficient raw material and demand but the process cannot keep up with demand. This situation can be more flexibly coped with than the demand limited situation, so it can be solved by consulting with the operational process experts.Finally, there is an imbalance in the placement of workers in each workplace. For example, suppose a worker takes 10 minutes for a given job and then takes 5 minutes for the next worker. Then the next worker will have 5 minutes of idle time until the previous worker has done with the given job. such idle time can reduce process capacity and discourage workers.most of the people who are usually in charge of the working process may find it difficult to capture this disparity in demand, supply or deployment. however, the specialized knowledge management called operations management study suggests ways to effectively manage and cope with these problems. 


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