An From what I understood, the form

An overall introduction of the chapter explains the origins
of how urban areas were defined and how certain areas developed. The author
seeks to explain the evolution of urban design through sociological patterns of
settlements. It was a belief that urbanism is an infantile form. There are
multiple influences that pursuit and redevelopment lands, such as, political
forces, infrastructure needs, religious causes, and responses of sociological
humanistic. To set up his argument for urban design (known as the city) with
some concise points about what shapes them. There are some points that make up
the author’s definition of a city and form. After reading the chapter, it is superficial
that the city explore the meanings behind and pattern it as practices. This can
it be done by react to what the inhabitants needs are, but the actions and
patterns must be recorded in over time. Urban design is a study of the built
environment that includes the relevant social and economic factors that occur
over time. Furthermore, as much time goes by, the development of urban areas
has evolved.

               There is
a massive modern literature about urban form, such as how to make and read it. At
a certain point, urban design cannot neglect the human behavior. While shaping
the cities. From what I understood, the form could be studied on an abstract
image. Certain cities are designed on the inspirations derived from these old
townscapes. To connect the methods, Kevin Lynch belief was to do less with the economic
order to form the city self-perception. The concepts of aesthetics is to
creative arrangement of the order and beauty. Motivated the theories and enlighten
the construction of cities are normative. The normative theories attempt to
specify the goodness of what is good city form? Few examples of the normative
theories are as follows the cosmic model, the machine model, and the organic
model. The cosmic model declared that the form of a permanent clearance should
be a mystic model of the universe and its gods. The machine model often occurs
its future growth to be determined by still unforeseen forces and requires a
few simple rules of urbanization. The outcome is factual, functional and barren.
The organic model is the equivalence between the city and living organism. It
is critical with simple grids or static. In that case, it flows a separate
spatial and social unit.

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               The city’s
image move memorable and intense by controlled the theories by leveling private
development in a way that integrates the social and economic needs of a diverse
urban population. In the end, urban design solves practical situations, as it evolve
the people and their value of life.  


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