of the customer to gain their attraction as the incumbent and rock solid in Internet retailing. Other tactics used by Bezos is the customer satisfaction. In this new era of the technology. He built up the close relationship with customers as focusing more on the Call-centers, Review Charts, reviews related to the particular product and suggestions generated automatically on the same page with Customer reviews. Bezos, clearly know the relationship between needs and wants of the customer to gain their attraction towards him. For example;

Kindle (The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers)(source 2), a most successful product if the Amazon, based on the desire of the customers. During the next

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Assessment of a product or service team, stop thinking about how to make the product or organization more innovated and start giving priority to make their customers more successful and happy.

However back in 2009, they remotely removed copies of the books “1984” and “Animal Farm” from users’ Kindles. This event cause commotion across the internet for online users to see the dark, “Big Brother” side of Amazon – one that Bezos had worked hard to steer clear of. Bezos quickly made an apology with the statement from the news team. (source 1).

Amazon is a customer-centric company, basically through customer experience they cover-up the risks and failures. Every department is data-driven based on the customer reviews which leads to taking next step more improved and innovative. Therefore, elucidating the impression that Customer Service is the major element used by the Jeff to build up the huge marketplace.

Another one Jeff used that ‘Two Pizza Rule’, the ideology behind this rule is that, if there are more people in the group then it is equally opposite to the Productive meetings of the Company. Therefore, he focuses on meetings when it really needs. Therefore, it vanishes the nonessential gathering from everyone’s schedule. (source 3)

Research(source4) shows that fewer meetings can boost employee and organizational productivity, and many other leaders have methods like Bezos’ for reigning in what they see as time-wasting gatherings.(source: CNBC)





source 2:



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