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Although it seems like Robinson Crusoe is an adventure and a surviving novel, it can be understood that it also arouses spiritual feelings while reading. Robinson was the youngest child of the family and his father, who lost his son due to a war, was expecting him to become a lawman. He disagreed not only with his father but also with god. He stopped his ears and set out on a journey without permission from his father and without thinking the consequences. From everchanging mind to faithful man, Robinson would be learning it in a hard way. His journey started with a misfortune. This hard time suddenly made him think his decision was bad and remember the God. He made many resolutions and vows like returning to his father but as soon as everything got better, he backed down from every decision he made. What made him turn to God was his fear of death. After that, he did not listen to the captain when he exhorted him to leave there  His father and the captain was the voice of the God seemingly. He saw that everything he went through dragged him to face, to experience more. His being away from his father’s commands enabled him to act however he wanted. Before long, a second challenge changed everything radically. He came to the time where he would face off against himself. He grew up in a middle class so he did not know how to survive on an isolated island. As soon as he landed on the shore safely seeing he was the only one survived, thought that it was a miracle. He started to make mention of God, every morning, he read the Bible which he found. God saved him so that he could see what kind of trouble he was in. Then, he was seeing the whole thing as an opportunity for him to realize his sins and open his eyes; not a punishment from God. In that solitude, he had nothing but to talk to himself. He saw the good and the bad sides of being there. That him being the only one saved, got him to appeal to Providence. He could be repentant in the very beginning of the voyage but he did not know there was no way out from that island and he got many years, In the forthcoming years


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