All social institution for help. Certain programs

five forms of abuse can change a sweet, innocent child life forever. it is better
for the child abuse to be detected early because it can give the child more emotional
healing time. Helping raise awareness for child abuse can be a good start at
getting abuse to come to an end. Posting flyers about abuse at work, school, or
public areas is also a great way to help notify the public that abuse is still
a major problem. If a person suspects a parent is abusing their child, they
should report that person immediately to help ensure the safety of the child.
If a parent feels as if they are going to abuse their child, they can go to a
social institution for help. Certain programs have seminars for abusive
parents: abuse seminars can be very helpful and give information on how to end
abuse.  Doctors can also diagnose
patients with disorders that may cause them to harm their child such as
postpartum depression in some mothers: doctors can prescribe possible abusive
parent’s medication to prevent the abuse right away. Enrolling children in
afterschool activities can help prevent abuse because they will not have much
time at home with the abusive parent. Simply educating family members, friends,
and strangers on the signs to look for in abused children can help protect an innocent
child.  Giving a child, an abuse hot line
number is something easy and simple that could possibly save that child’s life.
Children are the future and should be loved not abused.

new ways to end child abuse are much stricter and more cautious. If a parent is
accused of abuse the child will be removed from the household until an
investigation confirms the environment is safe for the child. If a parent is
guilty of abuse, social services will conduct regular home searches until the
house is appropriate for the child to return to the household. If an adult
report being abused when they were a child, police officers can still
investigate the abuse and with valid evidence the abuser can still be charged
for the crime. Depending on how severe the abuse is a parent can be charged
with a felony: if a child dies from the injuries from the abuse the parent can
be charged with manslaughter. Ending child abuse is very important and should
not be taken lightly. No child deserves to constantly be mistreated and harmed
every day for no reason. Children are like precious diamonds very small, but
very valuable. Ending child abuse is very important because “Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) studies shows that children who survive
child neglect will suffer with health problems their entire lives” (Child
Abuse). The children who are abused will never completely feel like the same
person they were before the start of the abuse.  Children who are abused often grow up and
abuse their own children because they may believe that is the correct way to
discipline a child. Ending child abuse is also important because the physical
abuse can be fatal and result in the death of the child.

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abuse is an issue that should have been corrected many years ago. If child
abuse was corrected, many children would still be alive and many children would
still be healthy. Authorities have tried to enforce different methods to try to
end child abuse, but it is clear these methods have not worked. If a teacher
notices any bruises, or if a child tells the teacher they are being abused the
teacher must report it immediately. When a parent suspects that her child is
being abused by a baby sitter or nanny they are required to report it and keep
the child away from the baby sitter while the case is being investigated.
Doctors are also required by law to report any signs of abuse to authorities if
they notice anything unusual during their examination. During an oral exam a
dentist can easily identify sexual abuse because “If a gag is inserted into a
child’s mouth for an extended period, the teeth will begin to turn grayish in
color and the corner of the mouth will become bruised” (Fisher-Owens). These
methods are minor compared to the newer methods to end child abuse.

abused can change a person’s life in one of these two ways she can either leave
it in the past and make her strive to beat depression or it could ruin her life
forever. After being abused, a person may feel like they are living in their
worst nightmare. A child who is old enough to understand the abuse when it
happened will always remember it for the rest of her life. Some abuse victims
may begin doing drugs to help them cope with, or try to forget the abuse. It is
also very common that teenagers who are being abused at home will run away to
find help and feel safe. Children love and trust their parents from their time
of birth, but once a parent abuses them all sense of love and trust will fade
towards any person. Being abused could possibly ruin the chance of getting
married and falling in love because a person they loved hurt them the most.
Many abuse victims enroll in counseling classes to help them cope with everyday
life and to find a form of peace. Children who were neglected must see doctors
on a regular to help cure possible malnutrition. Those who survive being abused
are very fortunate because “. U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
studies show that five children will die every day because of child abuse or
neglect” (Child Abuse).  For example,
Marchella Pierce was a four years old girl who was being abused by her mother
and grandmother in Brooklyn, she was found tied to her bed and deceased;
Marchella Pierce guardians made her overdose on adult allergy medication.
(Child Abuse). Many parents do not realize the terrible effects that may happen
to the child until it is too late.                                                                                           

to school, working, paying bills, and raising misbehaved children can be very
stressful to any average adult. When a child is very disobedient and constantly
ignoring everything they are being told, a parent may strike the child to make
him behave. Depending on how frustrated the parent is he may batter the child
into a pulp to let out his frustration: a parent can beat a child and not
realize how much damage was caused. Normally children with behavioral problems
such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and many more disorders are
physically abused because they have a hard time following simple directions.
Since they are easier to manipulate “younger children are abused more than
older kids” (Juettner).  In many cases,
children can be neglected because their parents have a mental disorder or a
medical problem. A person who suffers from a mental disorder may neglect their
children because they believe certain food or drinks will harm them, so she
will avoid feeding them. Dementia is a medical disorder that causes a person to
forget simple things: a mother with dementia could easily forget to feed her
child. When a child is emotionally abused by his parents, he will feel like
less of a person. Parents who inflict this type of abuse may have been
emotionally abused by their parents and just continued to carry that bad habit.
Emotional abuse does not leave visual scars, but it does leave emotional scars
that will never disappear. Most children who are sexually abused have parents
who are alcoholics; studies show that “Children of drug- or alcohol-addicted
parents are three times more likely to be sexually abused and four times more
likely to be neglected than children of nonaddicted parents” (Juettner). Medical
abuse is also a form of neglect because a child could die due to something
simple such as not having a tetanus shot.

abuse is a very serious problem, and many people have failed to help correct
this issue. Child abuse comes in five different forms: Neglect, physical abuse,
emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and medical abuse. Sadly, millions of children
are exposed to all five forms of abuse during their childhood. Neglecting a
child is when a person does not provide a child with his everyday needs.
Physical abuse is leaving bruises, broken bones, and other marks on a child.
Emotional abuse is when a parent verbally assaults their child resulting in the
child forgetting his self-worth. Sexual abuse or molestation of a child is when
a person touches a child inappropriately and forces them to perform sexual acts
with them.  Medical abuse is when a child
is never taken to a medical examiner.  Children
can easily get sick because of their small immune systems, so doctor visits are
going to be very frequent to maintain their health. All five forms of child abuse
can lead to many side effects, and unfortunately sometimes it can lead to