Ahmed SeifeldinEnglish-0321 Jan 2018EssayCrime has always been an

Ahmed SeifeldinEnglish-0321 Jan 2018EssayCrime has always been an undesirable trend in every spot on the planet. For a crime to occur, there had to be a motive behind it. The two stories that we have been studying follow the same plot which is criminality. Macbeth and Serial podcast both involve death scenes and our third story, Pablo Escobar, Is no different than the 2 stories we studied. As the stories occurred at different time periods, there were different reasons for the murders that happened. Macbeth’s tale is a famous ancient story. It explains why a warrior kills his king so he could enjoy power. Through this story, he listens to the three witches who convince him to kill the king to have power.The third witch told him “All hail, Macbeth, thou shalt be king hereafter!Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none. So all hail, Macbeth, and Banquo!”(Act 1, Scene 3). She was telling him that why shouldn’t he get rid of the king and become a maximum power. Then, he talked to his wife about it and she accepted it as she’ll be the king’s wife. After killing the king, he blamed the king’s death on the guards and the king’s son and then the other son ran away which made him the rightful king. The decision he took started his hallucinations and made him go insane. He killed anyone who stood in his way to become the king and was ready to murder anyone who stands in his way. Surprisingly, he killed his best friend, Banquo, flawlessly which means that he’s now a permanent criminal. As a result of his actions, a supporter of the former king started preparing an army to fight Macbeth and get rid of him. He was able to get rid him, and this was a lesson to everyone showing that murder has a price even if it was not paid at the time.Serial is the second story we explore the criminality in. It’s narrated by Sarah Koenig in 1999 which is almost 19 years ago. The story talks about a high school senior who was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and was sentenced 55 years in jail. To understand the story, Koenig had to look through all the pieces of evidence that she has to comprehend the case, find who is guilty and prove Adnan’s innocence. There were many people who felt Adnan was innocent, for example: Summer, a mutual friend between Hae and Adnan, felt Adnan was innocent and she said “We went inside and Adnan was sitting at the kitchen table crying” this probably means that Adnan had no idea what had happened to her. After she collected evidence that supported her claim, which is Adnan’s innocence, he was offered a retrial. He is now working his way out of prison through court as he knows he has done nothing related to this crime. This means that the person who killed Hae had the intention of killing her and making someone else pay the price for it, and the expected motive he or she had while doing this crime is revenge.Our third character is Pablo Escobar or “Don Pablo”. He was considered to be the drug lord as he was able to transport hundreds of tons of cocaine from Columbia to Miami DAILY. Pablo murdered thousands of Colombians to pressure the government so it could listen to his demands. Pablo once said, “Sometimes I feel like God…when I order someone killed – they die the same day.” This shows how easy it was for him to kill anyone he wanted. But now I am talking about the people who followed Pablo’s commands of murder. What made these people accept Pablo’s orders of killing was their motive of gaining money and earning a good reputation in front of Pablo. In this story, Pablo’s army stood beside him and fought the Colombian army and this shows how loyal they were to Pablo as he always gave them money and offered safety to their families.The three stories are similar in some ways as they all include crimes with murder cases. All the characters had personal benefits from these murders, which shows that they had the choice not to murder. Macbeth and Pablo’s army are very similar as they have a choice of living the clean difficult life or the easy violent life, and they both choose the easy violent life. In Serial podcast, the motive of the murder is unknown, yet I believe that revenge is the one possible.  


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