After both academically and professionally for an

After being presented with my bachelor’s degree in
Biochemistry from Temple University, I have flourished both academically and
professionally for an entire decade. After four years, I decided to continue my
studies in Temple’s medical school program and currently, as a graduate and in
my last year of residency, I am on the verge of receiving my white coat. In the
many years that I have invested in my academics, I am able to now look back and
appreciate the many rewards. I am exceedingly proud that I have chosen Temple
to be the school that helped me achieve my goals. Temple has equipped me with
the knowledge, strength and credence to go out into the professional world and
do my absolute best. I have so much to thank Temple for in such a short letter.


taking part in Temple’s Study Abroad program, I have been able to receive valuable
experience and a head start in my dream – becoming a psychiatrist. While the
work of a psychiatrist can be quite stressful at times, the rewards are
priceless. As a professional in this field, you are almost immediately given
insights into a person’s innermost being. Psychiatrists work with people at
their most vulnerable moments, and we are entrusted with crucial, important
details of their life, often before we even know the patients very well.  I find this very rewarding because, after
what is sometimes a lifetime of suffering, I am quickly able to become involved
in the healing process with them. Furthermore, the patients I have worked with
come from many different walks of life. I have learned through time that humans
truly are more alike inside than we are different.

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believe that Temple has helped me become the passionate-dynamic woman I am
today. Even if I were given a second choice, I would still choose to become a
psychiatrist at Temple University, a place where the sun never sets.


I'm Isaac!

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