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After the events of the War of 1812, the results ushered a strong sense of nationalism that would appropriate the start to this Era of Good Feeling. Simultaneously, sectionalist attitudes grew through this rise of nationalism and nationalistic developments such as expansion, industry, and domestic/foreign policy. Both Sectionalism and Nationalism became equally important in the economics and politics of this period because of their concurring effects on such developments. The initial victory of the War of 1812 induced Nationalism in the United States. This victory was able to strengthen the Democratic/Republican Party and government stability that effectively influenced this notion of Nationalism. This Nationalistic attitude is described during the Era of Good Feeling by poet, Joseph Rodman Drake, in his poem, “The American Flag” (Document 2), where he states, “free soil beneath our feet, and freedom’s banner streaming o’er us”. Even before the Era of Good Feelings was Nationalism significant due to experiences related to the War of 1812, like after the surprising victory of the battle of New Orleans where there was a bounded unity amongst the American people. Naval Officer, Stephen Decatur gave a toast following the War of 1812 that illustrates the growing nationalistic feelings (Doc 1). The officer exemplifies the point of view that he would still devote his dedication and support to the nation even if America was wrong. It is clear to see through these examples that there was a prevalent sense of Nationalism establishing the Era of Good Feelings. Nationalism through expansion, industry, and domestic/foreign policy, was able to influence the economics and politics of the Era of Good Feeling. Expansion into the western front was a major root for the rise of Nationalism through the United States. Acquisitions such as the Louisiana Purchase and acquired territory from foreign nations created new opportunity that was embraced by the people. Economically, the possession of these new territories was able to expand Northern and Southern industry. Politically, the push of westward expansion produced states that would have more republican representatives which was important to new democracy. Along with Expansion, Sectionalism simultaneously developed due to the problem of slavery in admitting these territories into the Union. For example, one solution to this problem was the Missouri Compromise which


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