Thesis: Advertising has different effects on consumers, it changes their prospective on what is, and what is not, worth buying, what they buy and when they buy it.
1. How advertisers target a certain background or area for their product, and how they get your attention.
2. What advertisers use to get you to buy their product, such as symbols or slogans.
3. Description of five key points of their strategies; what makes advertisers good or bad.
4. What people used before nylons; what advertising did for the new Nylon product.
5. What advertising did for a new type of car; how people reacted to the early advertising. Why the original idea was changed and how that effected the desire for one of these cars.
6. What advertising did to get rid of left over war goods. How the people reacted to the stars when they were confronted by the idea of using what they do. How the company went about changing their product, and how it changed. What inventions made the transition easier.
7. What makes advertising effective for public relations; direct advertising; public relations themes; advertising to consumers.
8. Criticisms of advertising; who the advertisement appeals to, is it biased, conflicting claims, is it vulgar.
9. How advertising developed; what the first one was doing; what lured people to doing it; and what advertising people do.


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