Advantages of motor transports is to drive fewer

Advantages of Road Transportation

approximately have over six thousands trucks delivering products
domestically.  Walmart trucks log
millions of miles every year, so when it comes to sustainability and fleet
efficiency, the goal is simple: deliver more merchandise while driving fewer
miles on the most efficient equipment (Rosser, 2015).  The company has found ways to deliver product
across the country effectively by reducing transportation cost and mileages.  The advantage of motor transports is to drive
fewer miles for shorter distance and while transporting goods. Motor transport
is most suited for carrying products, services, and raw materials to and from
rural area which are not serviceable by rail, sea, and air transportation.

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             Every five seconds trucks set off around the
world on a journey to deliver goods and products to consumers. Road transport
makes it one of the biggest transportation service globally.  Motor transport is operating through numerous
terminals throughout serval locations delivering all types of goods across the
continents. An advantage to motor transportation, it is conveniently connected
to multimodal transport network. Road transportation provides a greater
advantage over other modes of transport due to its flexible services. It
provides customers with quicker economical and flexible routes and time
schedules can be adjusted to the company’s requirement without causing any
inconvenience or additional cost.

Trucking companies
have created strategic ways to dispatch goods more efficiently. There is always
room for cargo to be dispatched on trailers due to all types of cargo. A
53-foot trailer, which has become more common in many settings, can hold two
rows of 13 pallets, or 26 pallets (Goldsby et al, pg. 17 2014). Cargo can vary
into standard pallet dimensions to challenging shipment. Delicate controlled food
temperature, hazardous chemicals, and bulks shipments will arrive safely and

Firms are finding
new ways to produce the least amount of quantity on a short amount of time. Just-in-
time (JIT) process is an inventory practice where customers order products,
information is relayed to the part supplier, parts are manufactured, and goods
are shipped directly to the customers. Goods are not stored in a warehouse
which eliminates inventory cost and other expenses. For example a company can
manufacture, produce, and customize goods to customers liking and ship it
within a short amount of time. This eliminates stock sitting on the shelf which
will eventually become a financial loss to the company.

The JIT philosophy
includes high quality, small lot sizes, frequent deliveries, short lead times,
close contact with suppliers, kanban
control, total employee involvement and continuous improvement and refinement
of the stated system parameters over the past data (White et al , 1990).  JIT inventory control deliveries is an
advantage to motor transportation due to the elimination of holding the product
and frequent delivering.


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