Ads technique by using certain professional footballer with

Ads (can be through media, campaign, etc) are one of the ways of socializing a promotion of certain brands to its targeted market and people that most likely would become their customer. Ads affect people on building thoughts towards the brand itself. Here we have 2 different types of advertisement Nike and Samsung. Advertisement affect customers in a lot of ways one of them are the increase of the brand awareness because of being reminded all the time when people see the ads. The more they see the ads the more curiosity may appear and that is why it’s an opportunity for the brand to maximize the quality of the product to create customer base that have been targeted earlier.The ads is not even referencing one product of the brand instead it gives a fiction story of Cristiano Ronaldo (brand ambassador of Nike). Here we can see that it does not really relate to the product being marketed though it’s more sending the value and story which is called Ethos technique by using certain professional footballer with great amount of fans with the intent to bring more customer with its popularity the technique called “transfer” or Pathos, at first customer might come because of his idol becoming the star and after tasting the quality they will like it and have respect more towards the brand, Nike knows Cristiano is the number one footballer with biggest fans so here is the opportunity they took.Not only that, here we can see Samsung took the opportunity of making people know the weaknesses their competitors (Apple) have and Samsung Galaxy have covered it all (the weaknesses), they use the technique of logos because they use more qualitative facts and figure by exploiting it through the video by comparing it without mentioning the Apple brand name, it can be considered disrespectful as a competitor but cool at the same time. trying to deliver is “why’d you choose a worse product than the better one with the same range price?”Here I can conclude that labeling prices with a cheap display is not everything to gain new customer instead it could resist them to come because its unreliability. And those technique of delivering values, story and good cinematography and exploiting weaknesses of competitors can help brand to increase its brand awareness and when someone mention their name people can know what brand it is.