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According to requisite statistics the perfect figure of 36/24/36 are what the X-shaped ladies are about. It’s commonly known as a flawless hourglass figure, where you have a defined waist and curve out at the junoesque hips; shape that enhances your smaller waist and gorgeous curves. It is that perfect shape that all women envy, curving in all the right places. While dressing up,look for material which reduces bulkiness of your butt and draw attention to your waist. Here are 12 different dressing style for X-shaped women to accentuate that small waist and all your curves. Fit and flare it all Dresses come in all shapes and sizes, but the best one for you would be in the fit and flare silhouette. It should fit snugly till your waist and then flare out a bit so that your hips don’t stand out more than they need to. Also skater skirt and pleated skirt are an option to exhibit your figure perfectly. Go for the V-neckline The V-neckline draws attention up to your face and balances your hips. Right neckline can make a statement as top-line really matters. Add a statement necklace to the plain neckline as it creates detail and a focal point near your face. Skirting the hip issue Instead of the tight pencil skirts, you should opt for ones that have a straighter cut and don’t hug your thighs too snugly. You can also give flared high-low skirts a shot, as it highlights your calves flatteringly. Skirts are the best option as they are very comfortable and stylish, It can be paired with so many tops and blouse and create alternate options. So basically it saves your moolah and make you stylish and elegant. Bring on the bling! Go heavy on necklaces, they’ll be your best friends! They’ll emphasize your torso, which is what you need to do. Scarves and statement earrings also help. Whether you’re rocking a simple OOTD or one which is setting major style goals, your accessories is what can really set it apart. One statement accessory and you are all set. Dump your turtle-neck blouse Turtle-neck is a popular neckline that hugs your neck and accentuate your face; Avoiding high necklines is probably best as it draws attention away from your waist. Dumping all the frills and ruffle tops is exemplary as they add more width to your look. Flared jeans!! We all know that the retro trends are back in the fashion in full swing. From suede to fringes to flares, these trends are here to stay for a while. Lately, bell bottom jeans and flared denims are worn extensively in the fashion world.  Longer than culottes but shorter than your regular pants, cropped flared jeans are frayed and distressed as your regular denims. Flared jeans gives a beautifully fitted look and aggrandize your X-shape figure. Choose right fabric Settle for light fabric like poly blends, rayon, spandex and silk will skim your curves and underline your stature. Remain away from fabric that make you look bulgy and boxy. Therefore choosing the right kind of fabric and texture is equally important. Clinch your dress with a belt Ushered in by the corset-belt trend, belts have become an important accessory this fall as observed in the runways. Wide belts are being used to cinch up the waist of soft longline coats.Sarees, lehengas, tunics, dresses, jumpsuits everything can be cinch with a belt. It gives your shift dresses  and flowy silhouettes more definition adding a detail to the otherwise plain ensemble. Pull off the wrap-tops trend  The wrap dress and shift dresses are ideal for you. It’s hard to go wrong with and always go classy! They are easy to wear and come in variety, prefer the one which knots your waist. Dresses in general can really enhance your feminine figure. From sheath dresses to shirt dresses, try them on for size. Selecting the right jeans Think wide-leg and boot-cut styles. The flare keeps the bottom portion of your leg in balance with your wide hips. This also creates a longer, slimmer appearance for your legs. Look for high-waisted jeans,try out which exactly suits you perfectly. Invest in jackets and trench coats Stick with short jackets. Look for denim jackets, trench-style coats, or other fits that draw in toward the waist. Short jackets above your hips accentuate your curves in a beautiful way. Jackets can make any boring outfit look amazing! Be confident and bold The ultimate secret to rocking any outfit? It’s your mind! All tips and tricks can work out the best for you if you block the negativity, wear what you love and embrace your body type! Do not shy away from anything and flaunt everything you have got in vogue. These are the few dressing style for X-shaped women to flaunt those curve and rock just like Kimmy K!!  Never hesitate in showing off your perfect body and radiate confidence in everything you wear. Most of all, love yourself & your body like you’ve never before! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your style, the more you experiment, more you know about what works best for you.


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