According making process and a struggle to

According to Louw 2010, politics is a decision making process and a
struggle to gain access to decision making position and resources that could be
used to further one’s own interest. In the journal by Pauline Leong, Political
Communication in Malaysia: A study on the use of new media in politics, how the
effect of the internet played their role in influencing the political strategies
for any political party in Malaysia.

The evolution of the internet and advancing of the technologies had
develop more and more of new media, the most common of new media such as
Youtube, Spotify an online video streaming and music; social media, such as
Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social media that had same
idea of connecting people by different features.

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Internet had being a huge successful of an invention for the human.
The cyber space may connect us within just in a minute. A study had conducted
by several researchers which are: people who intend to spend their time more on
the internet had a major depression in their life. Depression is a common
health issues that impacting human psychology. Factor such as personality
traits, self-esteem, loneliness and narcissism can be related to creating fake
account in any other social media. A study by Rosen, (2013), has tested that,
whether Facebook use was associated with personality and mood disorders; but it
turn out that the number of friends was negatively associated with dysthymia
cause the depression and tend to create other social account to express their
feeling, thought and other negative or positive word and language as anonymous
person on social media.

As being discuss the problematic issues on the use of Facebook may
threats to the physical and well-being of person who actually got too much
attached to the Facebook. According to the social skill model of problematic
Internet use, the need for self-presentation which to motivation and maintain
the neither positive nor negative impressions of the self on other people.
People who stick to Facebook or any other social media, can best be described
the media social as an escaped pod for them who have this problematic issues.
The sense of belonging perceive self-presentation and social interaction on the
internet as the media social are more controllable and less threatening compared
with face-to-face interaction with live audiences or person.

In the contrary of political issues in Malaysia, a lot of fake
social media account being created by anonymous person who tend to spread
negative or positive impact towards any political parties that they intend to.
The development of ICT’s first started by Mohamad Awang-Lah in 1983, an
academic at University of Malaya; which he tried to connect the country to the
whole world at the university laboratory, Rahmah & Becker, (2001). Within
time, Telekom Malaysia took various initiatives to well-develop internet
connection in Malaysia which linking up to four connections, Australia, United
States, Netherlands and Korea.

Rapid extension of the internet for a better democracy, Uimonen
& Chin (2003); George & Pang (2006); Tan & Zawawi (2008); Steele
(2009) had argue that blogs have become the powerful weapons for democracy.
Blogging promotes democratisation by enhancing civil liberties and help framing
the discourse in Malaysia buts a clearly an “unstoppable means to empower
individual and civil society”. According to Smith (2011), social networks
provide not  only tools for communication
among the users, but also functionality for Life Logging. LifeLogging by means
“the collection of data in order to illustrate a person life”. This can be link
to the fake account on media social; which those who intend to put negative or
positive ideologies about political actor or political parties. In a journal of
Service Science Research; written by Katharina Krombholz, Dieter Merkl and
Edgar Weippl, (2012) the widely use of internet may cause to creation of fake

The cyber impact towards creation of fake account may stem from the
psychological impact and other researcher had study that those impacts towards politic
are related to the election event that happened all around the globe. In the
journal of economic perspective written by Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow,
title; Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election the election between
Hillary and Trump had become a sensation when there a lot of fake news
spreading in the social media. The most popular fake news stories were more
widely shared n Facebook than the popular mainstream news stories, Silverman,
(2016), and the most discussed fake news stories tended to favour Donald Trump
over Hillary Clinton.

I July 2012, Facebook is trying to enhance the Facebook Immune
System and strengthening their method of detecting and eliminating fake
profiles. These fake profile data harvesting and attacks other user privacy.
Regarding to the political factor that happened, previous study that related
stated that social media as a source of political information. The reason why
it was stated that the advance I technology and the involvement of public
towards the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Different people use media social to meets their ends needs and as
a consequences of creating fake account towards political in Malaysia, user may
felt equally motivated, depress or the feeling of acceptance towards the
community who reads, shared and give a thumb up to fake social account
that being created. Furthermore, the effect of fake Facebook account are
depending on the public itself on how the public adapting the fake news, the
ideas whether it give positive impact or negative impact to the receiver, and
how it effect the political community itself.



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