According the state fee guides, by its very

to Code 9(b) in NSPE Ethics, he will not undertake work at a fee or salary
below the accepted standards of the profession in the area. It will consider
unethical action if an engineer charged fees below those stated in the
recommended fee schedule of the state professional engineering society. However,
the fees schedule are not fix where it can be changeable in any application
depending upon the nature and difficulty of the project, the reputation of the
engineer or time available for the work and similar factors which must be
considered in negotiating a fee. This consideration of the situation are be
made in order to be fair to the client and the engineer.

above case explained is quite different from the other cases where the design
work was already done for previous client. Therefore, the Code 9(b) are not
valid and cannot be applied for this situation because of the repetitive work
is involved. There are many ways of application can be made to assured the
engineer’s compensation for the state fee repetitive such as proper per diem,
cost-plus or other method of determination. To apply the guidelines to the
particular requirements of each assignment, the state fee guides, by its very
nature, must to admit of discretion and judgment.

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so in the fee schedule are not focus on the lower fee for repetitive work, the
reasonable conclusion to determine the fair value of his services and charge
can be obtained to protect the privilege of the individual engineer. However,
there are various condition for engineer in determining the value of his
services to ensure they are not take any advantages in this situation such as
he does not regularly attempt to undercut normal fees for the area, and his
motive in the instant case is not to reduce the normal fee for the work
involved for the purpose of a competitive advantage over fellow engineers.

we are looking this case in details, it is reasonable to reduce the costs of
the engineer services for repetitive work from the fee stipulated in the state
fee schedule for original design. We perceive there are no sense from the
previous work, why an engineer may not take advantage of his own. Such fee will
bring him with a fair return for the expenditure of time and effort required
for the work to be accomplished. It is a good decision and particularly sensible
if he in a position to deliver decent services to client at a lower cost.

above situation, we can conclude that the action taken by engineer to reduce
the fee services for repetitive work below that indicated in the state society
fee guide are ethical with a condition where he is adequately compensated for
his services.


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