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According to  tourism means “the business or industry of providing information, accommodations, transportation, and other services to tourists.” In the 1960 Costa Rica started realizing that tourism would have a big effect on their country because of their natural treasures and beauties. Back then there were not a lot of people visiting there since there was only one hotel in San Jose called Gran Hotel Costa Rica located in the Plaza de la Cultura. Since then Costa Rica has been trying to reinforce the tourism starting with the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT) that was founded in 1955. Costa Rica’s tourism had become each time more popular/powerful by more people coming in. with more than 2 million people coming in 2012. A lot of things had happened (as you can see) since then and tourism had some changes, here they are.After they figured out that tourism would have a big impact on the economy they started advertising their natural treasures and people started visiting. So mostly the economy of Costa Rica grew because of their tourism. People knew that tourism may possibly harm there natural resources and wildlife so in 1998 natural resources and wildlife were put under the National System of Conservation Areas SINAC (Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación) so it would not be harmed. Tourism in Costa Rica mostly grew because of their natural resources so most of their activities are to watch nature, they have from natural parks to wildlife reserves, private land holdings, etc. All this reserve, etc protect wildlife. The money that tourist had brought over the years is obviously a good thing. It helps a lot of industries and gives enough money so that more people can get the opportunity to have jobs. This is also giving the opportunity to build new roads more places to become public and not private etc. This is a good thing for the community. Another positive asset is that before people hurt animals very badly, for example, people hunt turtles and sealed their eggs. Now with all the rescue centers animals are now safer than before. Costa Rica had considered the chance of losing all their resources so now most of the resources are well protected. The tourist had become interested in the culture of the country. With tourism, the culture is not falling it’s rising. With all the developments the communities in rural areas have stopped migrating and are know staying to help develop. With all the Eco- hotels getting each time more popular the other hotels are now trying to reinforce the environmental programs. Tourism has a lot of activities. Since there are so much only 3 will be shared. The first one I will be sharing is the Manuel Antonio National Park. In the Manuel Antonio National Park, there is a small town called Manuel Antonio (this place was the inspiration for the parks name,) it is known by its area. You can extend your stay since there are a lot of hotels/motels in the area. Then we have the Arenal Volcano National Park located in the Cordillera de Tilarán. The Arenal Volcano National Park and is one of the biggest viewing areas in the Costa Rican region. The volcano can reach up to 1,633 meters. This volcano created a giant eruption on July 29, 1968, killing about 82 people and destroyed about 2 villages. The Arenal Observatory Lodge was founded as a private observatory in 1987. It is located on the southern side of the Arenal Volcano in a macadamia nut farm. Last but definitely not least is the Cloud Forest near Monteverde. The Cloud Forest had become one of the most popular eco-tourism locations in Costa Rica. The clouds in the forest sustain the right amount of moisture to give it its uniqueness. This forest contains a lot of wildlife including amphibians, reptiles, mammals etc. Monteverde and Santa Elena are the 2 main tourist regions in Costa Rica that provide restaurants, hotels etc. By 2007 a lot of people started entering the region because of tourism, about 1.9 visitors, 8%  increase of the gross national product (GNP) and tourism became part of 13% of employment in the country. Shortly after in 2012 it was recorded that more than 2 million people had visited Costa Rica most involving people from Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, UK, USA etc. These are some of the main places Costa Rica gets visits from. Tourism can lead to a lot of big problems that could severely harm the environment, such as increased pollution, natural habitat loss, soil erosion, etc. It’s not a good idea to exceed limits when it comes to tourism, particularly Costa Rica since almost all of its tourism is based out of nature.


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