According find out the influencing factors which

According to Schwartz (1976) now-a-days, women entrepreneurial business actively practiced both in rural and urban area. As author’s main focused group is women in this situation city area has better to work for this; because, the number of women rate is higher in urban than the rural area. As, the author aim to find out the influencing factors which are influencing a women to participate in an entrepreneurial business. For that reason, the author has chosen Khulna city as the study area and mainly some specific area those are West Baniakhamar, Bosupara, Sonadanga residential area, Khalispur and Rupsa to find out the expected respondents.
It is a statistical and technical procedure and this emphasize on transformation or the variation to covert a set of observations with possibly correlated variables also strength the pattern of database and it is also used to make dataset easier to visualize and explore. Validity test

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Validity test mainly is the strength of a conclusions, propositions and inferences. In other words, the “best available approximation to the truth or falsity of a given conclusion, inference and proposition” (Cook and Campbell 1979; cited by Zhouqiaoqin et al., 2013). To measure the validity of a scale may be defined as ” The extent to which is observed different scale scores and also reflects the true differences among objectives on the characteristics being measured rather than systematic or random error” (Malhotra, 1996; cited by Zhouqiaoqin et al., 2013). As, the questionnaire of our study is self conducted so the validity test should be conducted here. The researcher use SPSS 16.0 to test the validity of the questionnaire and 120 respondents from the targeted population are chosen to test the questionnaire. The entrepreneurial business intension of women depends on perceptions of personal desirability, feasibility and propensity to act (Krueger et al., 2000). On the basis of this, in this study author want to find out the issues which emphasizes the women to involve in an entrepreneurship business. So, author tries to find out the issues which influence a woman to set-up her own business. For that case author select the topic as ‘Factors Influencing Women Participation in Entrepreneurial Business’. Reliability
test mainly explain the degree to which a test is more stable and consistent in
measuring which is mainly predetermined to measure. The reliability test can be
measured by internal consistency. The internal consistency can be assessed in
different ways. The most preferable used statistics is Cronbach’s coefficient
alpha. The value range of the Cronbach’s coefficient alpha is 0 to 1. Where the
higher value indicates the greater reliability but the minimum recommended level
is 0.7.





The Cronbach’s
Alpha is defined as:



  K = The number of components (K- items or

 = The variance of the observed total test

 = The variance of component i for the
current sample of persons.                           

Source: (Cooper and Schindler, 2006; cited by Zhouqiaoqin et al., 2013)


For describing the internal consistency the author used a
commonly acceptable rule of thumb that is, “The Cronbach’s Alpha”.
However, in this test a greater number of items artificially influence the
value of Alpha. So, in this case the rule of thumb is used. Measure scale 


In this study, the questionnaire is designed through likert
scale which is mainly developed by Rensis Likert. In this paper, the
respondents are given their response in five degrees from “Strongly Agree” to
“Strongly Disagree”.


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