Access 2014 was 32 million, access to

Access to health services makes a huge difference for many individuals
especially for those with a low income. Many times people make decisions based
on the coverage they have on to whether or not to go out and get the necessary
medical care. There are many silent undetected diseases such as high blood pressure,
diabetes, fatty liver disease etc. that if not treated on time can many times
cause death.  As a result of the limited access and knowledge to health
services which include individuals not having medical insurance and therefore
lack having a primary care are facing huge financial burdens and many times
have to file bankruptcy due to such high medical expenses. Almost 1 in 4
Americans does not have a primary care provider and approximately 1 in 5
American children and under age 65 do not have medical insurance (Access to
Health Services  healthy people 2020).  The number of uninsured
nonelderly Americans in 2014 was 32 million, access to health services affects
a person’s health and wellbeing because they skip on receiving a complete
medical care increasing their risk for serious health conditions. Family health
bills have doubled as a percentage of household budgets over the past 12 years
alone, rising from 18 percent of the median family income in 2002 to 35 percent
in 2013. (Impact of health costs.) 

The ability to access health services has to do a lot with
many different factors such as social, economic, and environmental factors.
Some solutions I could recommend for the United States to resolve or improve
this issue is promoting and protecting patient quality and access to care by
there being proper access as well as information on health care insurance. By
promoting an equal health service for a low affordable cost and for many at no
cost individuals will have a greater chance of receiving in a timely matter
proper disease prevention and management.

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There has to be more healthcare marketing and
communications council, senators, medical insurance companies, pharmacies,
primary care physicians wanting to work together to help especially rural
americans in which this
population is also more likely to have complex medical issues requiring health
care intervention(Nelson, J., & Gingerich, B. (2010).  As a team we would be able to promote
the risk of not getting a routine check-up, and try to set up a new bill which
will increase access and make it more affordable to receive healthcare, and not
make it a burden for people to seek care. Strategies will be formed to try to
provide affordable care with improving the quality of care as well since many
times people without health care coverage are not referred or followed up on
because of the cost. An important key factor is listening to what these
individuals have to say and what they think is an ideal affordable cost for
healthcare, there needs to be an awareness on how many people don’t have
primary care doctors so they can be directed to the right direction as how to
get one that is actually accessible and can provide a good quality of care. There
are many people who suffer from some type of disease which should be evaluated
and treated more often and the government should be more flexible and setting
up laws which make the healthcare coverage and prescription a little more
convenient for people to actually get the treatment. “More small, rural
agencies are finding it impossible to remain financially viable in the home
care regulatory environment”(Nelson, J., & Gingerich, B. (2010).  The affordable care act unfortunately
is not helping many individuals as it might seem because state government
administer and help pay for Medicaid, license health care providers and
regulate private health insurer, and operate facilities for the mentally ill
and developmentally disabled. The local government own and operate public
hospitals and public health clinics and develop and enforce public health codes
so by having the government aware that the system that it now has in place is
failing there would be a better and flexible set up for individuals to be
really covered. (Government and health Insurance: the policy process p.39) We
will mandate that insurances and Physicians be more transparent when it comes
to the prices and coverage. Everyone should be made aware of what the actual
cost for service is instead of being surprised that the bill is way out of
people’s budgets. Uninsured people have a higher mortality rate than those with
insurance. The mission is clearly that everyone gets access to good quality
health care services at an affordable cost for everyone’s budget so they can
all be aware of the high risk of not preventing and taking care of diseases on
time. The goal is that everyone should have medical health coverage to prevent
deadly outcomes and have a transparent view of the costs for healthcare.
Physicians should also be aware and join in that there should be no individual
uninsured with diseases nor should they deny treatment because an individual is
uninsured. (B. Asplin, et al, 2005, “Insurance Status and Access to Urgent
Ambulatory Care Follow-up Appointments.,” JAMA 294(10):1248-54.) 


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