Accentuate selfies with your friends at party

Accentuate your style and individuality

With striking resemblance with Note 8 When you hold
a phone as good looking as the Galaxy A8, it’s natural to keep holding to it.

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The classy all glass unibody design simply leaves you in awe. Available in 4
different colour, choose the one which best suits your style.

A visual experience
beyond the bezel

The Galaxy A8 is the first A series smartphone with
5.6-inch Display. In addition with the unique screen aspect ratio of 18.5:9, it
simply elevates the visual experience. With minimum bezels the large and
vibrant display is provides you with a stunning cinematic experience.

See more at once

The larger display on Galaxy A8, provides more
content to view while browsing through your Social Media Feeds, E-Mails,
messages and webpages etc. minimising your effort with less scrolling and
maximising your viewing experience with more content for your comfort.

created in a snap

The Galaxy A8 features a 16MP f/1.7 rear camera
with HDR & PDAF. You can be sure of snapping sharp and magnificent looking
snaps with vivid colours, irrespective of the lighting conditions. The feature
rich and highly capable camera

Bold and brilliant

The Galaxy A8 is the pioneer to feature Samsung’s ‘Dual Front facing
Camera’. The setup includes 16MP + 8MP f/1.9 aperture lens with wide angle and
Fixed Focus Plane. This combination allows you capture every precious moment,
whether it’s ‘wifies’ or group selfies with your friends at party or a selfie
at your favourite nature trail these cameras help you capture more light and
content and subject. Also, with the Live Focus mode you can blur the
backgrounds to capture great looking portrait shots. You can even adjust the
focus after you have taken a snap.   

Focus on the fun

The cameras on the Galaxy A8 is equipped with multiple shooting modes,
filters and live stickers. Modes like Food, Beauty, Sports etc. allows you to
capture moments as they happen. Also, you can customise edit your pictures for
desired perfection or simply have fun by animating or doodling the pictures of
you and friends before posting them of your favourite social media site.

Recreate your memories without missing the moments.

Dazzle in the dark

The rear camera on
the Galaxy A8 captures more light with its 1/2.8″ sensor and a f/1.7 aperture
lens, equipped larger 1.12? pixels. So, weather you are
shooting or snapping pictures in broad daylight or in low lit environment in
the evening the image captured are crisp and vibrant with rich colours and
sharp picture quality. The camera performs exceptionally well even under

Your gallery, sorted

The galaxy A8 runs on the latest version of
Samsung’s Experience UI 8.5, hence it benefits from all the feature rich
in-house apps such as gallery app. Your photos are displayed categorically, in
albums and it’s easier to organise and to search and find particular photos you
are looking for simply by performing keyword search like food, object, event or
location etc. Also it recommends collages, stories etc. which could be stored,
edited and shared.

Weathers more experiences with you

The Galaxy A8 is IP68 Certified – Water & Dust
Proof. So it is an ideal companion for you wherever you go, in bright windy
sunlight or in the rain. Even underwater if you wish to take a dip in the pool.

Never miss a moment to capture or share or simply stay connected irrespective
of when and where you are.

Puts the smart in smartphone

The galaxy A8 also features Bixby the virtual voice
assistant from Samsung. Keep up to date with all the news, notifications from
your favourite apps and social media feeds with Bixby Home with a simple swipe
to the left from home screen. Perform live search while capturing an object or
surrounding through your camera using Bixby Vision. Or stay organised with your
schedule using Bixby Reminder*. It adapts to your usage pattern and improves
the more you use it to offer the most refined and relevant functions. Your
personalised Virtual assistant is always here to assist you.

Details gleaned at a glance

The Galaxy A8 features the ever so useful
Always-On-Display. You can view all your important notifications from Apps,
view the date and time, battery percentage, control your music without having
to wake up your phone. Ideal for using as an beside clock in the night.

Pay with your phone

You can make Virtual payment in simple and secured
way through your Galaxy A8 using Samsung Pay. No need to carry multiple cards
and remember multiple pin numbers anymore. It’s simple secured and personalised
as only you can authorise the payment by using Fingerprint/Face Scanner or PIN.

Simply make payment by taping or waving your Galaxy A8

Balance work and life

Keep yourself organised by maintaining a perfect
work and life balance. With Galaxy A8 you can use two separate accounts for the
same chat or messenger you use every day to communicate. Share your fun moments
and social activities or chat with your friends with one account, while with
the second account  share minutes of the meeting or chat with your
business associates or clients.

Safeguard your data

You can protect all your personal information and
data by creating a separate folder and storage space within the device using
the Secure Folder* on your Galaxy A8. Only you would be able to unlock through
assigned password or fingerprint scan and access these folders.

Intuitive Wi-Fi® control

The Galaxy A8 features an adaptive
Wi-Fi® control, which helps you to conserve your mobile data as well as
conserves battery life. It remembers all your previously accessed and saved
Wi-Fi networks and auto connects and disconnects and switches from Mobile mode
to Wi-Fi mode and vice a versa, whenever you are within the range of the saved
network or away from the same respectively

Swift and simple unlocking

The Galaxy A8 features multiple options to unlock
your phone, along with assigned PIN, Patter or Password, you can unlock your
phone simply by placing your finger on the well placed rear mounted finger
print senor or by looking at your device using the Face Recognition. Its
secured quick and convenient.

Do and store more

The Galaxy A8 is equipped with 4GB of RAM and 32GB
of Storage which is again expandable by SD card of up to 400GB. You can store
and access all your favourite media and important data and access it anytime
and anywhere on your A8 smartphone. Also, when you are travelling you can use
the second SIM without having to remove the memory card as Galaxy A8 supports 2
sims and 1 SD card to use at the same time.

Connect to all that matters

Samsung has an extensive range of ecosystem of
digital appliances, devices and wearables. With your Galaxy A8 you can stay
connected with these devices and all that matters to you most, like you can
stay fit and track your steps, workouts, monitor your heartrate sleep etc.

using Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear S3. Enhance your gaming experience
by  exploring virtual worlds with the Samsung Gear VR. Or, stay organised and control your smart
appliances like fridge, washing machine etc. using the Samsung Connect.