Abstract against to public privacy. And also they


reviewed by me is about how a company in China has used internet user’s data who
are auto enrolled to their “Sesame Credit Program”. By using this data they offered
exciting promotions on spending each year. Few companies used these type of
programs to attract the customer by using their data without any notice to
them. Some of other company owner also supported this kind of unsecured
programs. I explained in detail how these companies gained profits from doing
such programs which is absolutely against to public privacy. And also they used
Internet as their means of source for such unsecured programs.

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Article basically is about how few companies targeted internet users for making
profits without any idea how people are getting cheated and lost their private
data to such companies. One of leading online payment company in china has
started program known as “Sesame Credit”. People are automatically enrolled
into such program through social media as means of source to reach many people
in the country. They posted many exciting offers on the social media, people as
soon as see such kind of programs they click a line in small font which says
that user has agreed to terms and conditions which are hidden under that small
font line. There is toggle which makes them to auto enroll in the “Sesame
Credit” program.


is most likely data theft of individual who has gone through such promotions on
social media and this makes them to share those promotions on social media.
Another company head commented saying there is no privacy and information these
days as every camera on the street is watching the public. I feel very bad
after reading such comparison as this could lead to many cyber-attacks which
could results in many risks to the public and also government.

government after looking into this kind of issues which public are facing from
various companies by considering the privacy of Internet users they came up with
a new regulation which has Laws which are more concerned about protecting
consumer data.


1)     This
is a good regulation which Chinese Government is trying to implement which could
protect so many Internet users from being losing their data to companies. Also
they are planning to introduce an own social credit system which would give
approvals for foreign travel, spending, social benefits depending on their
score. This is not same as other companies collected data without individual
acknowledgement but here this system will ask individual authentication to
access such personal data.

2)     This
regulation has not made any complications related to either business or
technology development rather it made more secured from both users point of
view and also from business side. Technology always looks for increasing
business with considering users privacy.

3)     In
my view I would like to educate the public in more detail about the regulations
and also how some companies are taking advantage of technology which they use
for profits by cheating public with some illegal techniques. Also I would like
to take a serious action on such companies through this regulation from which
they would realize their fault.















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