Abstract English in Pakistan is that the


Determining the nature of non native variety of English
relies on sociolinguistic, political, geographical and economical factors than
merely on linguistic grounds. Hence inter-national and international towards
the varieties are considered main factors in explaining the status of language.
Many researchers have discussed the status of Pakistani English, Kachru (1982,
1985, 1987,) Rahman (2002) Baumgardner(1993), Khalique(2006) and ghani (2003)
etc. There are many studies towards the attitudes of English but there are a
few researches on Pakistani variety of English. This research emphasize on the
attitude of English language learners towards the status of Pakistani English.
A survey of questionnaire of thirty participants was held with focusing on
their attitudes towards Pakistani English. The participants were BA English
Literature students of different colleges. The result of this survey shows that
the students of colleges have both positive and negative attitudes towards
Pakistani English.

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of the Research

In seventeenth century English
dialect was introduced in the subcontinent by the British people. In present
days, English dialect gets the status of authentic dialect in Pakistan, both
Urdu and English dialects guarantee the position of authority dialect.
According to Baumgardner(n.d), the status of English in Pakistan is that the
constitution and body of the law are arranged in English. In Pakistan English
has great place. All temperate, invention, and economical information are
accessible in English.

In the 1990 century some people
realized that the mixture of English language which they are speaking in
Pakistan is separated from different assortments of English which they named as
Pakistani English, PE or Pinglish. Really Pakistani English or Pinglish is the
accumulating English dialect mixture which are spoken and written in
Pakistan.  Pakistan English has no less
than four particular assortments, named as, Anglicized Pakistani English,
acrolect (talked by explusure class), reselect (utilized by white colour
class), and (advertise English utilized by un educated class) (Rahman 1999).
Pakistani English recently accepted as independent core among other non local
admixture of English language. This is close to the British English than
whatever other assortment of English. Notwithstanding, there are certain similarities
in the segmental and non segmental parts of elocution which should be beak knowledge
as the particular attribute of this assortment. Pakistani English has comprised
its own semantic hypothesis and culture that does not make it sub –part in the
comparison with British Standard English. Rahman (1999) researched the
sociolinguistic variety in Pakistani English with an emphasis on phonology,
sentence structure, morphology, and lexis. The informed assortment of Pakistani
English has progressed over a time detained use in academic, regulatory,
authorized business and discretionary circles of national life in Pakistan
(Hague 2003).



of the problem

The people in Pakistan have different
attitude towards Pakistani English. Many students have positive attitude
towards Pakistani English. This research tells about the Pakistani English and
the attitude of university students towards it.


of the study

The present study is
implicated with Pakistani English. It is delimited to the attitude of college
students. Furthermore it is delimited to the attitudes to students who want to
learn English as a foreign language.


of the study

            The objectives
of the study research are:

Ø       To check the fluency in utilized of
Pakistani English by the students.

Ø       To check the attitudes towards Pakistani English
of the college students



questions of research study are:

Ø       What are attitude of college students
towards Pakistani English?

Ø      Why colleges use Pakistani English more
than the Standard English?


of the study

research gives us information about the English dialects of Pakistani
community.                    The
research reveals about the English language variety and its status in Pakistan.
It reveals the students attitude towards English language.


5.1 Findings

Many decades, English language is used in Pakistan. In 17th century, English language is introduced by
the English people in Pakistan. In present days, English language enjoys

 high status in
Pakistan. In comparison to the other dialects of English language, Pakistani
English considered as a separate dialect. It is considered much closer to the
British standard level. This study is to assess the behaviour

university students towards Pakistani English. To achieve these goals, the investigator
         made a comparison between
Pakistani English and British English. Findings of these results are following;      


   The result of this survey shows that the
respondents use Pakistani English in place of    

                     British English.

students of different universities in Pakistan use Pakistani English in place
of British English.

results of different respondents show both positive and negative interests
towards Pakistani English.



This study emphasizes on the
attitudes of the college students towards Pakistani English. Some of them are

research can be about the behavior secondary level students towards Pakistani English.

research can be about the behavior of intermediate teachers towards Pakistani
variety of English.

can be about the attitude of English speech community towards Pakistani English
which are belonging from different areas.


Concluding Remarks

English language has been used in Pakistan from many years. It was
considered as a language of English people but now it is known as language of
learning. English language is considered an important way of communication. Now
a day, it got institutional and official position in Pakistan.


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