Abstract— of the information. It was regular for


Abstract— Our world has turned into a global village. Human Resource
Management (HRM) is never again restricted to recruitment and training.
Technology and HRM both are nearly related to each other. IT has large effect
on expanding the proficiency of recruitment, maintenance, improvement and
leadership capacities. With the entry of information technology, human resource
management practices are improved. The improved means of communication,
technological advancements, computer and internet have brought the horizons
closers and changed the functioning of the business world in a great way. PCs
and web have simplified the analyzing large amount of data, and they can be
precious guides in HR Management, from finance preparing to record maintenance.
With PC equipment, programming, and databases, organizations can keep records
and data better, and recover them easily when needed. Information Technology
(IT) as a basic factor and instrument changes structure of organization,
business procedures and communication.IT has impacts on HR at the same time
managers, workers, clients and providers increase their participations for HR
functions. This paper presents various perceptions on the utilizations of IT in
the field of human resource management (HRM). In this paper a concise history
of both Human resource technology and human resource management provides the
effect and results of IT on human resource management functions.

Keywords— Information Technology,
Human Resource Technology, Electronic Human Resource Management, Human Resources
Management, Organization
Structure, Human resource Information system.

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                               I.   Introduction

HR administration was kept to issues, for example, pay rates and enrollment.
The organization framework was unbending and bureaucratic. HR frameworks were
paper-based. Features were included as required, the announcing was
exceptionally simple, and HR was the sole overseer of the information. It was
regular for managers this period to send workers to HR to get their everything
their work force questions replied. In the following stage, there was a
relocation of the data occupant in these paper-based frameworks to PCs and
neighborhood (LAN) frameworks. These HR databases could create reports that
essentially recorded fundamental worker’s data. Advances in database innovation
included finance and some extremely fundamental versions of worker following.
The following stage started with the development of social database innovation.
A social database implies that a bit of information can be put away in more
than One File, every one containing distinctive kinds of information. The
diverse records can be connected with the goal that data from the different
documents can be utilized together. 1A social database enables databases to be set up in a
few distinct areas and the data connected. This innovation furnished organizations
with the capacity to grow more intricate reports that incorporated a few
information components. Right now, many organizations have begun to grasp HR
innovation. The concentration has moved to computerizing whatever number
exchanges as could be expected under the circumstances to accomplish viability
and efficiency. Online applications utilize a Web program as a user interface.
Clients can get to the applications from any PC associated with the Internet by
means of a safe, secret key shielded login page and from that point forward all
the data are encrypted.  Now, the larger
part of framework is still not Web-based, but rather some leading edge
organizations have grasped this innovation. The innovation of the future will
be about expedient access to precise current data, and the capacity to get to
this data by means of numerous frameworks will give organizations a vital edge.
The new framework will be about HR and IT cooperating.2

Pakistan has a deficiency of
skilled labor, which keeps the nation from financially contending in the
worldwide town. Sadly, minimal expenditure was spent on the preparation and
improvement of Workers. The high joblessness rate and the poor financial
circumstance have additionally influenced nearby government. Numerous
organizations have a constrained spending plan with which they should furnish
their employs with essential services, for example, power, home etc.
Organizations likewise assume a part in the improvement of their nations. It is
hence imperative to enhance the abilities and skills of the laborers to
guarantee better administration conveyance to clients. Technology is
progressively being utilized to address challenges looked by organization, to
upgrade benefit conveyance and additionally to enhance interior proficiency.
Training and development   is one of the
many capacities performed by (HR) offices. Today HR is likewise required to
assume a bigger key part inside an association. Notwithstanding, present day
technology can improve the manner by which HR divisions play out their tasks.
There are different automated data frameworks and projects that can be utilized
for this purpose.3


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