Abstract— is run through a hash algorithm produces

Abstract— This paper gives a brief overview of applying SHA (Secure Hashing Algorithm) on Video files. In recent years, the most widely used hash function has been the Secure Hash Algorithm, because virtually every other widely used hash function have been found to have substantial cryptanalytic weakness 1. SHA was more or less the last remaining standardized hash algorithm by 2005 1 . SHA (Secure Hashing Algorithm) originally developed by National Security Agency (NSA) and later handed over to National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) are a way to ensure information security 1. They are typically used in digital signature and in connections with secure websites 2.  Data that is run through a hash algorithm  produces shorter string of bits; this string acts as a kind of digest of the data 3. Any changes to the data changes the bit string resulting string therefore acts as a finger print of the data, guaranteeing that no one has tempered with it 3.  However having algorithm like SHA for only text and images is a waste its potential.KeywordsMessage digest; Hash function; Video security Introduction Secure Hashing Algorithm is a method or process through which a message is converted into smaller size that is it is compressed it uses message digest algorithm for converting the variable length data into fixed length data and then it creates a hash value of the data of 16 bit length thus when the data file is opened it will require the hash value or figure print to open the data file. Image hash function have become an important field of research for past few years earlier hash functions was used to provide security for text in SSL certificates, Image hash functions map images to short binary strings in order to facilitate comparisons and researches this functions have property that two images which look same will have same hash value with small bit-level differences 4. Video file in regard to this paper for the receiver to view the video file. Video is a collection of data or information in itself for compressing it and then creating a hash value or figure print of it and maintain its quality at the same time is a difficult task which is what this algorithm is trying to achieve.Literature SurveyA cryptographic hash function takes a message of arbitrary length and creates a message digest of fixed length 1. A hash function needs to create a fixed size digest out of a variable-size message. Multi-collisions in Iterated Hash Functions paper is written by Antoine Joux in DCSSI Crypto Lab(France), This paper helped us to study the existence of multi-collisions in iterated hash functions 5. It helps us to know that finding the multi-collisions are tougher to find than the ordinary collisions, it also tell us about the complexities of the attacks on the system 5. It also mentions that the system has to satisfy various security properties and in case of an attack to the system ,the system will be immune to the attack and not let data get stolen from the system,It suggests that the building of a multi-collision system will be very difficult with an input of variable size 5. The system has to use a compression function whose input sizes are fixed which is SHA-1 5. A combination of cryptography using AES and steganography are used for security 6. To increase the security level, the key are hashed using SHA-1.In this method an advanced concept of combining cryptography and steganography in image and audio 6. SHA-1 algorithm is used for encryption and compression for data using 512 bit block size sequentially 7. The new attack on SHA Algorithm has reduced probability and complexity 3. It has also been presented a chosen-message pre-image attack on MD4 with complexity below 28 3. By literature survey the question of how SHA is performed is clear but it has not been proposed for video.Secure Hashing AlgorithmMessage Digest or Fingerprint is the best method to provide security as it is the cond