Abstract: One of the basic fundamental arithmetic operation

 Abstract: A new technique is
introduced that combines the advantages of the output wired CMOS logic with the
majority gate. The concept of majority gate is of utmost importance because it
helps in reducing the delay produced in the circuits and output wired CMOS
logic helps in reducing the transistor count. The adder circuits i.e. full
adder, ripple carry adder and carry look ahead adder have been simulated using
tanner tool for 130nm channel length. The results obtained show that this new
technique has an advantage of delay reduction and less power consumption as
compared to the conventional design. Also, the transistor count for the designs
is less than the conventional design transistor count.

Keywords –  Adder, Complementary
Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS), full adder, Majority gate,ripple carry adder,
carry look ahead adder

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One of the basic fundamental
arithmetic operation is addition. It is extensively used in application
specific systems. The adder cell designed is based on majority gate and output
wired CMOS logic. It helps in dealing with issues of power consumption, delay
in output, transistor count and the area required for the design.

There are different implementation
techniques for threshold gate based logic design. Threshold gate can be
implemented using capacitive threshold logic , output wired CMOS inverter ,
MOS-NDR based monostable bistable transistor logic .In this paper, we have
designed one bit full adder CMOS circuit using output wired CMOS logic based
majority gate. Further, the other adder circuits i.e. 4-bit ripple carry adder
and 2 bit carry look ahead adder circuit has been designed using the same
logic. On performing the comparative analysis, the simulation results show that
the proposed designs have less delay and reduced power consumption.
Other sections in the paper include:
Section II : Description of Concept of majority gate
Section III :Discussing concept of output wired CMOS logic
Section IV: Design of one bit full adder using output wired CMOS logic based majority
Section V: Design of ripple carry adder using output wired CMOS logic based
majority gate
Section VI: Design of carry look ahead adder  using output wired CMOS logic based majority
Section VII : Comparison of 
proposed  designs with
conventional designs
Section VIII: Conclusion.

of majority gate

majority gate is a logical gate used in circuit complexity and other applications
of Boolean circuits. In case of majority gate the output will be ‘1’ if over
half of the inputs are ‘1’otherwise it will be ‘0’. As shown in the figure 1,
there are three inputs a, b and c and either of the two inputs are passed
through the AND logic gate and the output obtained respectively are passed
through the OR logic gate. Thus, the logic produced is:


1 3 input majority gate

shown infig.2, the majority gate usually consists of odd number of inputs represented
as “w”.

2 Majority gate function

In other words, the majority gate can be
called a special case of threshold gate where the threshold value is equal to
half of input plus one.


of output wired logic

A wired logic connection is a logic gate that
implements Boolean algebra (logic) using only passive elements like resistors,
capacitors. It also uses diode for the logic implementation when it’s not
behaving as an active device means when it has no negative differential
resistance. A wired logic connection can create an AND or OR gate. Here,
instead of AND and OR gate we have used CMOS as an element that helps to form
the output wired CMOS logic.


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