Ableism the reasons why we should reject ideas

Ableism and
heteronormativity are explored in the dichotomies between ability/disability
and straight/gay respectively. Although, they are two different set of dichotomies
both share common approaches in how society is structured. There is a saying
that an individual can freely express his or her interest, rights and
privileges. However, everyone has their own opinion to these different
dichotomies, which often leads to problems for certain groups in society.

Ableism is the
discrimination against individuals with disabilities. It is a structure of
power due to the dominant views that devalue and limit access to disabled
individuals. The piece of expressive culture that was intertwined with ableism is,
“The Curb”. Able-bodied individuals often disregard a disabled individual’s
needs such as incorporating ramps and curbs for disabled people to get and from
places safely. Abled-bodied individuals may unintentionally make a disabled
individual feel left out. This leads to the idea of, “The Curb” being “a source
of social exclusion” (Dennison 1.9.2018). Which prohibits the access of
disabled bodies to cross the street safely. According to the Seattle Times
Article, “Seattle may have to spend millions
making sidewalks more accessible to people with disabilities”, the curb ramp issue
took a while for it to become approved as a case because the claims that were argued
were constantly denied (Gutman 2017). The more powered-able-bodied individuals
socially exclude people with disability because
able-bodied individuals do not really think about the need for curb ramps and
who needs them. Due to the idea that disabled individuals are lacking or

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Ableism is defined by how
people in power view people who are disabled versus someone who is not disabled.
In contrast, heteronormativity is about the relationship between a male and a
female that is considered the norm in society due to the social codes that are
accepted in society (Dennison 1.23.2018). According to the article called, “Why
Heteronormativity is a Bad Thing” by Cochrane explains the reasons why
we should reject ideas of heteronormativity. In this short article, the author
explains how, “If you’re not heteronormative, you’re forced to explain
yourself, while cisgender and heterosexual people don’t have to” (Cochrane
2016). Also, convinces the reader to not assume that if a person does not “come
out”, it does not mean they identify as straight by default (Cochrane 2016). A
person might be afraid of living up to a negatively viewed image due to the
oppression and discrimination towards the LGBTQ community.

Both terms relate to the
term, “Majoritarianism”. As heteronormativity is the norm in society it is the
majority. The government tends to reinforce ideas of the majority, due to many
people that have power are part of the majority and disregard the well-being of
minorities. In this case, the disabled bodies and individuals challenging the
heteronormativity norm. In
our society, there have been multiple supreme court cases in which, the bans on
same-sex marriage has been struck down (Boso 2016). Even though the court
members have decided to favor same-sex marriage the discrimination and
stereotype threats towards the LGBTQ community experiences are becoming worse.
There are groupings in society and not being a part of the majority or the norm
puts you in the minority or abnormal category. Whether it is being disabled or
being straight or gay there is social exclusion. I think that individuals
should be aware and to respect, an individual’s interest, needs, who they want
to be attracted to, and how that individual identifies him/her self should be regardless
of the situation.



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