A can still vote if a conviction on

A person who are convicted
of a felony cannot register to vote until he or she has successfully completed
his or her sentence, including any period of confinement, parole, term of
probation, supervision, or has gained pardon. Prosecution, indictment and
similar procedures which lead up to, but have not yet resulted in a felony
conviction, are not considered finalized and therefore the individual can still
vote. Individuals can still vote if a conviction on appeal is in process as
this type of action is not considered a conviction ” Neither is deferred
adjudication regarded as a final felony conviction, per Article 42.12, Section
5 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure” (Texas con).Parole is the
provisional release of a prisoner who agrees to certain conditions prior to the
completion of the maximum sentence period. Most states can release prisoners on
parole after they almost surely pose no threat to the public.

believe that the laws are fair when it comes to giving back people’s right to
vote in Texas because once you are convicted of a felony in the United States
then you lose some freedoms which is fair because the law was broken, and the
loss of the right is only in affect while you are in prison.  Now, the only part I disagree with is how you
only regain the right to vote after parole. Some people face long sentencing
and will be granted parole early which means they will be on probation for a
long time. Most of the people facing long term sentencing are people of color
who are convicted for no violent crimes.

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almost any measure, federal prosecutors wield too much power. Prosecutors have
multiple charges from which to choose, this means they typically have many
sentencing ranges to choose from as well. Thus, threaten defendants who want to
exercise their trial rights with charges that will carry longer sentences
sometimes decades longer than the charges they will file if defendants plead
guilty. On average, federal defendants who refuse to waive their rights to a
jury trial receive a sentence three times longer than those who plead. With the
prevalence of mandatory minimum laws, a prosecutor’s charging decision often
dictates a sentence that a judge is powerless to avoid. With that happening it
really benefits the Republicans since Texas is a red state most republicans run
on the platform of more prisons since that’s what Texas is known for because
every time the election comes around the topic always come up about being
harsher on crime. Normally the person who might run on this platform is the
district attorney “campaign as officials that are tough on crime and brag about
how high their conviction rates are” (Texas gov 453). With the impact is high
on the state and that political party.

only way to change that rule set by the Texas lawmakers would be to a push for
a democratic runner to win office.  The
demotic party believes that While the United States is the world’s superpower
and the country leading the free world, that the United States also imprisoning
an overwhelmingly disproportional percentage of the world’s prison population.
This is concerning because one it implies that we are over incarcerating and
that we as a country are diminishing our ability to speak effectively as the
leader of the free world. Clinton, who stated “It’s a stark fact that the
United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, yet we have
almost 25 percent of the world’s total prison population.” (Washington Post).
The numbers today are much higher than they were 30, 40 years ago even though
crime is at historic lows.

last option would be to run yourself under the democratic because Legislators
are human beings. They are subject to political influences that will push them
toward a vote for or against your proposed law independently of their views on
the pure merits of the policy.  So, you must research the political landscape, because once you ask
legislators to support you then what could happen is your being backed by a lot
of people and sooner or later you may see the change.