A. relationship with he boyfrident. Notd that

A. Biological ApproachShe clearly had something mentally wrong wih her, resulting in her gaining weight amd pverweight. This made her vert insecure and a feeling of emptyness. Medication was an option however, She could live a healthy lifrstyle naturally such as exerising and doing positive ativities. As medication coud help her emtionly feel less depressed, and happy.B.Psychanalyttic Approachpostivily she has an intimate relationship with he boyfrident. Notd that she had a se xdrive towards him. She however, needs to see a specialist or therapist to emtionally dea with thoses probleems uch as her self worth and understand to accept her self, to also love herswld. She is clearly depressed and seemed to be axious, and going to a specoalist an definatly hrlp jer with medicatiomn.C. HUmanistic Approach She need to conect with her familybecaue he does not have a healthy built realtionship with the people she actuallt loves. To reslove this as a fmily they can go to see a family consular. Howevr, when she goes to a family group session she nend to participate so she can build stronger reltionships with her family and eplain that she loves them.D. Behavoiral ApporachDue to the enviroment he grew up in, it created her to have possible intimate or attachment relatioships. Again, going to a specialist to help her gt to the root of the problem of it all as well as a way for hr to start and complete a heathly healing process. She needs to be possibly more social so she can socialize and have other relate or gove advice.  She could join all differnt types of groups where she can feel relatable. E. Cognitive ApproachShe had a issue with ssolving problems. Due to the enviroment she was in, there was no deminstartin of problem solving. In ressult, she lashes out, instead of usinging other tatics t resolve a problem. A good way to help with this is attending anger managent classes, as well as problem solving groups where she feel relatable.  Also, seeing a specialist one on one might possb;y suit her at the begginning as she progresses. 


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