A upstanding southern gentleman and in this day

A good Man is Hard to Find
The reason a good man is hard to find is because if ones standards are to high their goal is almost impossible to reach. The grandmothers mindset was still in the past she falls into the old southern woman stereotype. The Southern woman wanted a religious, upstanding southern gentleman and in this day and age that type of individual is hard to find.

The grandmother has a strong faith in god and it affects every aspect of her life. The misfit doesnt believe in god he believes that god through everything off balance by claming to raise the dead but no one can prove it so therefore he has no faith, this totally contradicts the grandmothers beliefs.

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What I drew from the statement somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life is that as soon as death was near, the old lady changed from a bitter old racist to an understanding and compassionate southern lady. This is a direct knock on southern life and how many older people in the south hide behind the faade of religion and manners to disguise their racist and bitter ways. If someone had threatened her every minute of her life, then she could have been nice all the time, not just when it mattered.

Poetry Paper
The purpose of this project is to help you develop an appreciation of one author’s ability to involve you in deep reading of literature.
Write a 4-5 page paper on a short story or novel by a writer from the list below. (You may not choose a story we have discussed in class.)
Pay careful attention to, and write in depth about,
plot (don’t simply retell the story)
character development (what does the author do to make us care what happens to the main character)
figurative language (how does the author’s use irony, symbolism, etc. help create deeper levels of understanding of the theme the author is exploring)
You are responsible for researching the writer/stories in at least two academic journal articles. You may not simply go out to the Internet for your sources, they will not be credited. You may also not simply provide a quote or two from the articles. You must demonstrate that you have read the articles in their entirety and how they have led to an understanding of the writer and/or the stories.
You are not required to include biographies of the writers. Provide biographical information only if it relates directly to our understanding of the story.
Follow the formatting you used in your poetry paper. Ssee the course syllabus if you have questions about form.
William Faulkner
Edgar Alan Poe
Flannery O’Connor
Ernest Hemingway
Herman Melville
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Richard Wright
Katherine Anne Porter
James Joyce
Ralph Ellison
The paper is due the 1st class following the Spring Break, April 2. You are required to have attended at least one session at the Writing Center by Thursday, March 22nd.


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