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        A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s Exceptional Idols As a wise man said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” -William Shakespeare. Throughout this play, 3 characters have demonstrated various reasons why they are capable of being role models. They are people who have given their input to solve each hard situation they faced. Even with many problems, they have given advice to put everything back on track. There are many reasons why they have the potential to be role models. The 3 characters who are capable of becoming a role model for many people are Theseus, Nick Bottom, and Titania. Each individual has different characteristics which indicate they are able to be a good leader for the rest. All three have different reasons why they are suited to be called a role model. One person who has kept the whole village together and solved problems that were created is Theseus. He has tried to make fair decisions for everyone. He learned from his mistakes and corrected his decisions when he needed to. Theseus has many leadership qualities that were seen in the play. Whether it’s the responsibilities of the village to giving Hermia other options to come to a decision. Theseus makes many lawsand orders for the village which is why Egeus brings his complaint against his daughter Hermia. Egeus was forcing Theseus to make a cruel decision for his daughter and so he did. He gave three options to Hermia. The three options are either to die, become a nun or marry the man of her father’s choice. At the end when he realized they truly love each other and should be together, he corrected his mistake. Hippolyta also played an important role in Theseus’s decision. Without her understanding of the situation, the two couples wouldn’t be able to get married. Theseus let the two couples get married because Hippolyta convinced him. Theseus is also very kind-hearted. He is kind-hearted because at the end when the two couples wanted to get married, he accepted their request and made them have a grand wedding along with himself and Hippolyta. Theseus himself stated: “Fair lovers, you are fortunately met: / Of this discourse we more will hear anon. / Egeus, I will overbear your will; / For in the temple, by and by, with us / These couples shall eternally be knit. ” (4.1.176-180).The other character who is capable of being called a role model is Nick Bottom. He has the quality to manage the rude mechanicals. Nick Bottom gave confidence to the rude mechanicals when they gave up and lost hope. The rude mechanicals are putting on a play called Pyramus and Thisbe. They think it will be the most lamentable comedy and cruel death of Pyramus and Thisbe. They thought they all were going to die because their performance will be that bad. Bottom will do anything to make the play successful. He has put a lot of effort and worked really hard to make this play. His characteristics can influence others to be like him. Nick Bottom is one of the most talented actors in their group. He is also the most hard-working actor in their group. The rude mechanicals themselves have agreed to this statement. Flute said: “No, he hath simply the best wit of any handicraft man in Athens.” (4.2.9-10). Nick Bottom has also entertained the audience several times. This is also a characteristic that not a lot of people have. Making someone laugh is a very challenging thing itself. And for him to do it so easily is really praiseworthy.The last character is Titania. Titania is deserving to be called a role model for many reasons. Titania is a really good role model for many people. She is a great example, especially for many young ladies. She stands up for what she wants and what’s right. She also doesn’t get influenced by others. Titania is also really caring for people she’s around. She had a devotee who unfortunately passed away while giving birth to the Indian Prince. So she wants to take on the responsibilities of her child, which is known as the Indian Changeling Prince. She wants to adopt the Indian boy. She said to Oberon: “Set your heart at rest. / The Fairyland buys not the child of me.” (2.1.121-122). This shows how much respect she has for her devotees and how caring she is towards the Indian Prince.  Titania has many powers she could’ve used for unnecessary things, but she chose not to. She used her power for the right things and doesn’t waste it on things she doesn’t need it for. For example, she had many fairies that are willing to do anything for her. She could’ve asked her fairies to do something cruel to Oberon in return for when he was mean to her. Titania didn’t take that decision and used the fairies where she needed to. To conclude, A Midsummer Night’s Dream had many characters who were capable of being a role model but I found these three in particular really deserving of this title. Theseus has demonstrated various leadership qualities, Nick Bottom has demonstrated responsibility abilities, and Titania has demonstrated self-confidence. Each one has demonstrated different reasons why they have the potential of being an idol. All three characters have taught the audience different qualities to become a role model. I, myself look up to these character’s personality. Today we have many capable people who can be amazing role models. Along with those few others, these three character’s have also earned the title of being a great mentor.Shakespeare, William. A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1600 (Toronto: Harcourt Canada)


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