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A home greenhouse is a closed and static place for horticulture, which has a translucent outer glass or plastic cover to control temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. It is used to promote the development of plants. It is also known as a greenhouse and was formerly called a cold stove.Why bet on a greenhouse?Having a greenhouse for your plants has many advantages. Here are some of them:•    Cultivate all year round: being independent of the outside environment, it is possible to have production at any time of the year. Because you avoid climatic factors such as winter cold or high summer temperatures. In addition to insulation, in some models heating can also be implemented, as well as ventilation and cooling and thus products can be obtained out of season.•    More quality: By having plants in a greenhouse, they are not exposed to the physical wear of environmental elements such as rain, wind, hail or high solar radiation. That is why the quality of the products obtained is more top, both in its external appearance and in its internal composition. Therefore its waterproof effect helps us to take care of our plants.•    Greater control: If we get a greenhouse that closes hermetically, we will also obtain a significant advantage in controlling pests, diseases, and weeds, thanks to, its isolation from the outside.•    Efficient use of products: with a greenhouse, we can provide plants with only the necessary fertilizers for each stage of their development. The same applies to water since modern facilities consist of irrigation systems more efficient than those existing in the open field. So it will also allow us to save money and resources.•    Higher performance: Greenhouse production achieves a yield per unit area up to three times higher compared to the open field. How can I take advantage of my greenhouse?If you have not yet decided to have a greenhouse, here are some tips and tricks to make the most of it:•    Advance crops: if you want to enjoy your tomatoes or peppers ahead of time and thus avoid the setbacks of frost, a greenhouse is your best option. The plants at the beginning of the year and you have them perfect at the beginning of spring.•    Protect plants: younger and more fragile plants are more sensitive to cold and pests. Although the planting calendar says that you can sow outdoors, you will be more successful in a greenhouse because they will be more protected inside. You can even take advantage to protect the young seedbeds of the pets that find in them an ideal place to sleep in the sun.•    Drying: you can also use it to dry peppers, chili peppers, tomatoes, aromatic plants, etc. Dehydrating utilizing the greenhouse is very easy, ventilating well avoiding excess moisture: open all windows of the greenhouse or leave the door open and place it in a sunny place.•    A tropical point: Give shelter in a greenhouse to certain tropical crops, such as avocado or banana, which may suffer in the winter season. This way you will guarantee a good harvest the following summer.About us:•    Develop the learning of certain fundamental skills necessary in the work of gardening.


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