A too important in warrior societies. As you

A mead-hall is a gathering place for the warriors. The mead-hall was
off-limits to women. The warriors would drink an alcoholic honey based
drink, listen to stories that had been there for generations and
celebrate victories. The men warriors would share their stories and
boast of what they have done. In literature though, it represented more
than a gathering place. It represented a place of security and safety,
the light in the darkness. In this case, Heorot is the mead-hall in the
epic of Beowulf. It represented the center and strength of the Danish
kingdom. Hrothgar built this to represent all the good he has done but
when Grendel terrorizes the mead-hall, it started ruining the king’s
image. It made him look weak. If he cannot keep up his own center how is
he going to look after an entire kingdom. Every groupof people is
centered around a king. The king’s gift of treasure to ensre his
followers loyalty. The citizens got “rewarded” for following him. In
Beowulf depicts the warrior culture and relied heavily on giving things
like armor, weapons, coins etc. Family problems and battles are resolved
by the exchange of money. If a person is killed, his family must be
paid a “death-price” to prevent people from getting revenge. The
characters felt like gold is precious and the giving is a sign of honor
and appreciation. There was nothing more valuable. For example, when
Wealtheow gives Beowulf the golden torque is not only a sign of
gratitude but a bonding of two stories coming together. Beowulf too,
gave a golden gift to Wiglaf as a sign of bravery. Where Beowulf is
centered, there were types of heroic codes which defined how noble a
person acted. This code was of great importance and it included values
like generosity and loyalty. It was too important in warrior societies.
As you read more and more the poem you can see the transformation of
Beowulf. In the beginning he is a fighter, he doesn’t have anyone to
worry about but himself. He could risk everything for his own glory.
Somewhere in the end, he has become noble and a wise man. So yes, he is
an epic hero because he was able to balance the heroic code and the
Christian ideal. If there’s any flaw it is that in his last battle, ”by
sacrificing himself, Beowulf left his people without a king.”