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I have chosen to do my Columbian Exchange paper on syphilis and its impact on the European population. Was syphilis a larger impact of the Columbian Exchange? There were many things that were brought to and from Europe and vice versa to America, one of the deadliest things that was brought back to Europe was syphilis, it was a big killer to the Europeans.

In 1495 a person by the name of Sebastian Brandt made a poem called “De pestilential Scorra sive mala de Franzos” which explained how syphilis was spreading around Europe and that the doctors did not know how to cure it. Brandt also described the symptoms which was that “the skin becomes covered with scabby pimples or with elevated papules resembling warts.” Many of the people who contracted this disease died. Syphilis is believed to have contracted from the Native Americans to the Europeans, and brought to Europe from Columbus and his voyages to The New World, it caused many of deaths in Europe. (Frith, N/A) (Paragraph 11)

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The origin of syphilis has been believed to have come from cattle or sheep many centuries ago, which is speculated to have even be transmitted sexually, from the cattle and sheep. When the Europeans started coming to America they were very fond of the Native American women which is probably how the disease got transported to Europe. (Lafsky, 2008, Paragraph 2) I do not think that the spread of syphilis was on purpose it just happened when the Europeans came over and wanted some action after a long voyage.

All in all, syphilis did change the world during the time of the Columbian exchange because it was a new disease that had no treatment or cure, and it killed many of the people who had contracted syphilis. In today’s time, syphilis is a very common infection which is less deadly as it was during the colonial times, and it can be treated with penicillin, but there is no actual cure for it. 


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