Last their 6th new album, Early this month

Last week Bullet For My Valentine is rumored to be working on a new 6th album, but the rumors were not a mere rumor, their new demo latest album has been officially released Matt Tuck said although their 6th album is still in the demo stage, his songs sounds “amazing”.

Bullet For My Valentine told all the fans if he was very surprised as they listened to their upcoming sixth album.

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Matt Tuck told NME: “We are trying to make it into a different recording, we have tried to approach the songwriting differently, initially I think it will surprise many people because it sounds and the instrumentation we have put into it right now.” 

“But I think once the dust settles and people can live with it … it’s a corker .. Cool We’re still in the demo stage, but even at this stage it sounds incredible It’s sonic sounds better than anything we’ve ever done. ”  

Matt Tuck added: “We do not want to regurgitate anything we’ve done in the past, that’s the past – we want to look forward to the future.”  

“We are trying to make things bigger by calming things on the technical side. We still have very large, big and heavy groove songs, but instead of being very seductive and technical on the guitar, they are much simpler and much more easily digested , but this gives you a much bigger voice. “  

Along with the development of their 6th new album, Early this month Bullet For My Valentine has officially confirmed if their tour drummer Jason Bowld has now officially become a permanent member of Bullet For My Valentine.

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