IoT devices are ubiquitous and are surging in number
with each passing day. Their ease in accessibility and innumerous function
brings a huge amount of loopholes and vulnerabilities with them. The main aim
of this research article is to provide a mechanism to secure the network from
malicious IoT devices by using a MIRAI scanner and further automating the
entire access and block process using POX controller. In the current technological perspective,
IoT is turning “heterogeneous networks” into “super-heterogeneous networks” of
intelligent devices, thus, securing it becomes very complex. There are
different methods of providing security to a network available today but none
is infallible. SDN being an intelligent networking paradigm which can rapidly
and automatically reconfigure network devices, reroute traffic and apply
authentication and access rules can open up a way for better security and
access control mechanisms. In this solution, an attempt has been made to devise
a method of providing security to IoT using SDN.