The Samsung Electronics Corporation has announced their newest application processor for their mobile devices. The Exynos 9 series 9810, is expected to be reviled as early as next month and has said to be fitted in Samsung’s next smartphone the Galaxy S9. The Exynos 9 series 9810 has an advanced modem, image processing unit and higher security. The Exynos 9 has an eight core CPU, with four high-performance cores that allow it to run up to 2.9 GHz and four efficiency cores. Samsung has expanded the pipelines of their upgraded CPU that will allow improved cache memory utilizing single-cores that double the amount of performance and multiple cores that have a 40% improvement from their old CPU.

These improvements also come with beefed up security measures. For instance, the Exynos 9 has an enhanced neural network-based learning system that allows the processor to recognize people and items in a photo to quickly organize them. This neural-network system also allows it scan the users face though face detection using a hybrid of both hardware and software to correctly track and map the users face when unlocking the device. The modem inside the new chip also has a max LTE speed of 1.2 Gbps which is 0.2 Gbps faster than the previous year.

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Lastly, the Exynos 9 also has upgraded their Image processing and multi-format codes to produce faster image stabilization for photos and videos, clearing and brighter photos in low light and reduced motion blur. The upgraded multi-format code also allows the user to record video at 120 fps and render 1,024 different tones which are about 1.07 billion different colors. Far surpassing the previous format code. Overall this would allow users to see photos and video and wider and more accurate color ranges.

According to Ben Hur, the vice president of system LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics “the Exynos 9810 will be a key innovation in smart platforms such as smartphones and personal computing for the coming AI era”. This could be a huge step in technology and in the later weeks to come we will continue to know more about the Exynos 9810 as the date gets closer to Samsung’s big reveal



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