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Natalia ZychFreshman Honors EnglishMs. Balzer – Period 61.22.18Allusion 14 – BacchusSummary: Bacchus, or Dionysus, was the god of wine, fertility, and theatre. Before birth, he was sewed into Zeus’ thigh as a fetus, because Semale was killed after viewing Zeus’ glory, only because he consented to since he was so beguiled by her beauty, “Zeus was madly in love and agreed” (paragraph 2) . Hera, his wife, was jealous of Zeus’ affair with Semale and seethed with envy when Bacchus was in her sight, “Hera, still jealous of Zeus’ infidelity and the fact that Dionysus was alive” (paragraph 3). She organized Titans to slaughter him and they ripped him to shreds, but Rhea resurrected him. The incident made Zeus more vigilant of Bacchus and decided that mountain nymphs should take care of him. Growing up he ended up plainly known as a party god and threw numerous festivals with his mortal followers. Amid springtime, festivals to honor the god would occur, because of the vines commencing to develop leaves.Today’s Usage and Sentence:Today, we use the word Dionysus to describe a person who is crazy or throws wild parties.”Everyone began calling him Dionysus, after the huge party he threw last weekend.”Conflicts:Man vs. Man – Hera had a conflict with Zeus, because she envied Semale and the relationship she had with Zeus. She did not enjoy the presence of her, so she tricked her into asking Zeus to reveal his true form, and it ended up killing her, “She went to Semele in disguise and convinced her she should see her lover as he really was” (paragraph 2).Man vs. Man – Hera’s and Bacchus’ problem arose when he was born. She hated Bacchus and the fact that Bacchus was Semales child, it made her even more furious. She despised him so much, she ordered Titans to go after him and kill him, “The Titans ripped him to pieces” (paragraph 3).Man vs. Themes:Jealousy can lead to dreadful actions – Hera’s jealousy of Semale caused her to behave grimly to her and her son. She hated the relationship she had with Zeus so she tricked her into getting herself killed and also ordered Titans to kill Semale’s son, Bacchus.Trust in the wrong person can result in unfortunate events – When Semale believed that she can see Zeus as who he truly was, Hera did not disclose to her the cons of it. Right as she asked Zeus to grant her wish, Zeus transformed into his true form and Semale was killed. Hera intended for this to happen, so she can see Semale dead.Sources:Karas, Michael & Charilaos Mega. “Bacchus”. Michael Karas Publishing, Accessed 23 January 2018


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