7 Step#3: Restrict The Large Portion Sizes For

7 Tips To Control Diabetes Naturally Without Medication

Nowadays, every person is fighting for a healthy and fit body. With the drastic changes and disorder in lifestyle today keeping the body healthy is a major challenge.

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Maintaining healthy level of sugar in blood is one of these challenges. Are you or your dear one is suffering from diabetes? Fed up of medications?

So, you will be happy to know that diabetes is preventable as well as reversible.

Thinking of medication again?

No, you don’t have to depend on medication again. Just make some positive changes in your lifestyle and eating habits and you will get rid of this big problem.

Here are 7 Tips To Control Diabetes Naturally Without Medication. Following these tips will help you to get rid of diabetes permanently and keeps your body healthy.

7 Tips To Control Diabetes Naturally Without Medication

The key to a healthy body is to make positive changes in your eating habits. Have a proper sleep, stay active, and manage stress.

So, let’s learn how to control diabetes through 7 natural ways.

Step# 1: Start Regular Exercise

There is no alternative for regular exercising. It keeps your body healthy and fit.  It plays an important role in preventing diabetes. By maintaining the healthy weight exercise reduces the need of body for insulin.

Exercise also increases the insulin sensitivity in body, so that glucose can be used more effectively.

Step# 2: Include More Good Fats in Your Diet

Yeah, I know you are afraid how will you survive when reducing the belly-filling carbs?

So, here comes the healthy fats. The right kinds of fats increases the satisfaction level, improves the metabolism, reduces risk of heart diseases, and further increases the consumption of fat soluble vitamins.

7 Tips To Control Diabetes Naturally Without Medication

Step#3:  Restrict The Large Portion Sizes

For controlling diabetes, you have to keep watch on the portion sizes. Just cutting the portion sizes guarantees the weight loss. If you practice it on continuous basis, you can easily lose 5% or more of your body weight.

Hey, don’t worry; am not telling you to starve yourself!

Restriction to the large portion size will come automatically when you start selecting right thing to include in your diet.

Start eating your food slowly and chew your food properly. So that your brain get chance to let you know when to stop. 

7 Tips To Control Diabetes Naturally Without Medication

Step#4: Reduce Some Weight

Overweight is one of the factor that causes diabetes. Overweight people adds more pressure on the ability of their body to use insulin properly, that controls blood sugar level. So, they are more likely to get diabetic.

If you are diabetic and can lose your body weight by 5-10%, then you can improve fitness level amazingly. Also it can reduce the risk of heart diseases, hypertension and much more

7 Tips To Control Diabetes Naturally Without Medication

Step#5: Include More Fibers in Your Diet

Fiber is an essential component of healthy and balanced diet. Consuming enough amount of fiber helps you to reduce diabetes. Also it helps in reducing cholesterol and risk of heart diseases. Further, it helps you reduce your body weight. So, you should include 25-30 grams of fiber per day in your diet. It depends on the gender and calorie needs also.




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