Final theme clearer, as it is individualism.

Draft 3



In the novella Anthem by Ayn
Rand, the protagonist Equality and the deuteragonist Liberty have a strong
attraction towards one another. To intensify this attraction, the two went
through some strong bonding material, i.e. getting sent to jail together,
running off to uncharted territory together, illegally sharing love with one
another etc.

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When working with the Street
Sweepers in a road north of the city, Equality sees Liberty, a woman from the
Home of the Peasants, and he is instantly attracted to her tall, blonde beauty
and her fearless, guiltless expression. Likewise, Liberty is attracted to
Equality’s individualism and self-discovery. In addition, both are
counter-culture rebels in a society that demands conformity. To continue, this
adds to the theme “Individualism” because it is the sole reason for their
attraction towards one another. “Your eyes are as a flame, but our
brothers have neither hope nor fire. Your mouth is cut of granite, but our
brothers are soft and humble. Your head is high, but our brothers cringe. You
walk, but our brothers crawl. We wish to be damned with you, rather than
blessed with all our brothers. Do as you please with us, but do not send us
away from you.”. In other words, Liberty is attracted to Equality, because
he is different than the others, not in a bad way, but in a bold, abstract way.
Furthermore, Equality has a somewhat substantial influence on Liberty, he
encourages her and pushes her to have her own individual thoughts. “‘Such
thoughts as these are forbidden, Golden One.’ ‘But you think such thoughts as
these and you wish us to think them.'”. 
In this quote, it is evident that Equality has an influence on liberty
and kick-starts her individual thoughts.


To conclude, the reason equality
and liberty are so vigorously attracted to each other is because they both have
their own individual thoughts, and this makes the theme clearer, as it is individualism.
Thus, Equality and Liberties attraction adds to the purpose of the book and the
overall meaning of the book.


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