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4. ServicesSan Jose Garage Door Repair Service brings you quality repairs and other garage door services. We understand what it takes to make our customers garage door dreams fulfilled. It’s not just about repairs and installations it’s about bringing life back into your home which starts by giving us a call.Long Lasting DoorsYou don’t want your parts on your garage door to just give out all the time. Take it from us, we’ve seen plenty of doors that are made from lower quality parts or just haven’t been kept up with over the years. Your garage door is part of your home and if you want your home to stay functional then you’d also want your garage too. These are some simple ways to help keep up with your door:Parts tend to break, that’s very common. So getting them REPLACED when they do will benefit your garage door.Having a technician come by a perform a YEARLY MAINTENANCE Depending on how bad the part is a simple REPAIR will continue to help your door last.Getting a new garage door INSTALLATION will solve all problems in the beginning because everything is brand new.Stick with these rules and your door would last what could feel like a lifetime. And if you want it done flawlessly and in great timing, give us a try. You’ll be more than happy with your choice.Your Routine Maintenance CheckupYour typical garage door will last between 10,000 to 20,000 cycles which is one complete open and closing before parts start to break. To help out before some of those damages happen, our company offers a routine maintenance checkup which is when a technician is sent to your home and will adjust the tension springs because over time they tend to loosen up. Perform a Tune-N-Lube where they go around a properly lubricate bolts and screws and other parts to help them run smooth.The tech will also check on your sensors making sure they are aligned which if not could cause your door to close on someone or something if underneath. This type of service is very important and your garage door will be very happy that you chose to get it done. You think it’s that time to have one, we can be right there and perform this garage door service for you.Safety Comes FirstAnother great way to keep your door in proper working order is getting a 25 point safety inspection done. This service is when a technician will asses every part of your garage door making sure it’s doing exactly the job it’s suppose to do. If they look worn down or damaged the tech will inform you about it and give you options on what should be done. If you want to perform a little inspection yourself you can grab an object and place it under your garage door. If the door stops then you know that the sensors are working just fine. If the door keeps going then you definitely need to get them realigned. This is a big safety hazard because the door could keep closing if someone or something is underneath the door which in turn could hurt you.Repairs, Installations and ReplacementsThree of our main garage door services we offer. Keeping the life going in your garage door one step at a time. Any garage you have our technicians are prepared to fix the problems. If you want a new door put in, we’re the company to pick offering a huge selection of garage doors. Here are more things we can offer you:Repairing all partsReplacing damaged panelsTrack and sensor alignment New garage door installation Replacing partsAnd many more…We continue to get stock in our warehouse so we’re always ready for a job. If there is a problem and we don’t have the part we’ll order it ASAP and have it come right to us. Make an appointment with us to come out and fix any problem there is with your garage door.We Do It All! Businesses and HomesHomes are part of your family. Many people take pride in their homes. So making sure your garage door looks and works good goes right along with your home. Especially since your garage door has a type of security which can keep people from getting in. So if your garage door seems to be having issues, don’t think twice about not calling us. We’ll make sure you feel safe in your own home again.We can’t leave our businesses we understand what it takes to run a business and when there is a issue with it, it needs to be solved. You also run the problem of trying to get things repaired during hours but no worries we can come over before or after if need be. Whatever is best for you, call and set up an appointment for us to come out. If you do need us while your business is open. Our technicians will have the utmost respect your everyone that comes into your store or office.Installing That Your Door You Always WantedWe are committed to bringing you the the best new garage installation that we can. If you go on our website take a look at our catalog to see what garage door interests you. The possibilities are almost endless. With so many new features these doors offer, your able to add different options also.Pick a new and exciting color or how about add some windows to brighten the place. These couple things alone with make your home stand out. Whatever model you choose our team at San Jose Garage Door Repair Service can install it. They come ready with all the right tools to have your new garage door up very quickly. Give us a ring when your ready to pick a door.Our PartsOur parts are in a class of their own. The manufacturers we have partnered with over the years makes some high quality products. So when we come out to replace your old parts we want that whole experience to be priceless for you. Giving you an amazing service that will change your garage door in the long run for the better. Take a look at a few of the parts that we can repair and replace:HingesTorsion springsBracketsDrumsTracksDrumsOpenersBearingsKeypadsAnd many more…The caliber work that our company will give you is some of the greatest out there. Well crafted products that are rust resistant and constructed to take on all sorts of damage. Made to last you years without any problems. You deserve to have amazing service and parts and we’ll do everything we can to give that to you.We Even Got CouponsWe love going in a store looking for a specific product and then finding out there’s a deal going on for it. Garage door services can be a little pricey and we want to offer our loyal customers coupons and deals every week for different services. We have very reasonable prices and to add a coupon on top of that services will help.If you know what kind of garage door servicing you need, pick up the phone and give us a shout. Make sure you ask about the deals that are going for that week and see if your service will qualify for it. Everybody loves deals so why not give them out all the time.Give Us Ring Your garage door is looking a little beat up. Maybe it’s time to have a new one installed or give this one the update that it needs with some new parts. We’ll look out for you here at San Jose Garage Door Repair Service. All day everyday, we’ll provide everyone in our city with quality garage services. So no more waiting around, contact us now! Your garage door needs us!