According to the nature of research questions and desired outcome, qualitative research design has been appropriated. Such a method has been proved successful into investigating human thoughts, reflections and intentions which are the main source of data for present research. Studying opinion of major stakeholders about an event on a city image requires understanding their way of thinking, values and beliefs. All these data could not be easily quantified, simply because we could not measure ideas, especially, if in pursuit of objectiveness we maintain semi-structured or even open flow of discussion.

Qualitative research aims at exploring outer world, environment as setting for social phenomena. There are three common approaches in qualitative research

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1.     Analysis of group or individual experiences. Those experiences that involve life events, personal knowledge, stories and accounts

2.     Analysis of interactions and communications

there has been a developing enthusiasm among customers in the smart home idea
1. smart homes contain
various associated devices,
for example, home
diversion comforts, security
systems, lighting
and access control systems.

Smart home
mechanization framework is
joined into shrewd homes
to give solace, accommodation, and security to home owners 2. Smart home systems speak to and report the status of the
associated devices in a natural, easy to understand interface enabling the
client to communicate and
control different devices
with the touch of a couple of buttons. Some of the significant communication technologies utilized by the today’s smart home
systems include Bluetooth,
GSM, WiMAX, ZigBee and Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

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The advancement in individual correspondence has developed
rapidly; a huge number of cell phones are at present utilized everywhere
throughout the world 4. And keeping in mind that such far reaching innovative
advances are energizing, it is much all the more energizing for people to
operate the appliances of home from the workplace or other outside areas.

With a specific end goal to use apparatuses proficiently
and viably and to
build comfort in the home,
a smart home system using Arduino via secured SMS protocol is proposed
in this paper. A noteworthy concern utilizing Arduino is the constrained memory
accessible. The distinction between the Arduino microcontrollers and a general
purpose computer is the sheer measure of memory available. Arduino UNO has just
32 KB of flash memory,
2 KB of SRAM and 1 KB of EEPROM 5. That
is 100,000 times less physical memory than a low end PC. These limitations were
considered when chose the encryption algorithms.


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