Parenting shaping children’s lives by providing the

style is one of the important aspects in influencing the welfare of their
children. This is because parenting styles have a strong relationship with
adolescent self-development including academic achievement, adolescent problem
solving, risk behaviors, mental health, self-esteem and depression (Russell et
al., 2010). Children are basically formed by their parents until they grow
(Baumrind, 1971 as cited in Aiwan, Bibi, Chaudhry, & Tariq, 2013). “Parental
and child relationships are complex, it encompasses the behaviors and attitudes
that work separately and collectively to influence the outcomes of children and
generate emotional bonds where parental behavior is expressed”. Parenting
refers to aspects of raising children other than biological contact. In talking
about the types of parents and their impressions on children’s development,
experts often classify parents based on two main factors, how they affect the
child and how they react to the child. Each type of parenting carries different
characteristics and brings about different reactions to the ASD child.
Parenting styles also refer to the normative patterns of behavior and tactics
that parents used to socialize and control their children. (Wentzel &
Russell, 2009). Parenting style is explained by its dimensions or components:
parental responsiveness or warmth and parental demandingness or control.


play an important role in shaping children’s lives by providing the perfect and
appropriate education. Parents are also examples of children. What parents do,
will be their part in the process of forming behavior and personal character.
When combined, the three parenting styles: Authoritarian, Authoritative and
Permissive (Baumrind, 1971 as cited in Aiwan, Bibi, Chaudhry, & Tariq,
2013). Later on, Maccoby and Martin added the neglectful parenting style. The
first style is parents who always shape the behavior of children, but are less
sensitive to the feelings and desires of the children are called the
Authoritarian Styles. This style of care is easily understood by the term
“iron nails” or the “too strict”. It is more about setting
rigid rules and guidelines. 

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