3 literature review is to collect the information


Cloud Storage a development has
fundamental impacts on many individuals and enterprise companies from storing
data to analysing data. It is a model of data storing in which data is stored
in logical pools. The cloud computing platforms such us Amazon web service,
Apache webStack and Google cloud platform provide data analysis tools which are
not available on traditional databases such us Mysql or Microsoft SQL server. They
also provide a broad range of services to help us build and deploy big data
analytic applications quickly and easily using AWS. This literature review is a
critical analysis and will be focusing on the usage of Cloud based data storage
as a data storing service, the critical analysis will enlighten the background
of Cloud Data Storage and also any advantages and disadvantages that it may
provide for the service providers such as Google cloud storage or AWS. The main
focus of the literature review is to collect the information through different
resources about acceptance of Cloud based database in terms of creating a
hybrid database for use on all platforms such us mobiles web apps etc.

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Aims and

To use a cloud based database for our project database that can be
scalable and run on a cloud computing platform that could be private, public or

Compare different database structures and technologies to prove
why a cloud based database is more preferable to be used on a project like this.

Analyse the results to evaluate on why users and companies are adapting
to use cloud based database in terms of mobile and web technologies.




Application Database Background


The Database for the pay check app will be cloud based. Since
the app is going to be hybrid we will use a firebase (real time database) database for
our app. More information regarding the database model will be presented below. We will discuss
each process and step that will be performed for each table and the purpose of each table will also be described as
well as the relation of each table with the other table. Each table
will be followed with a sample of data. Ideal database roles will be
suggested and their purposes will be explained. The database will follow all
relational database rules known as RDBMS rules to assist in the
mission of data integrity and prevent data from duplicating and getting any anomalies. 


This proposal will only cover the basic tables and
relations to build our pay check app. The remaining
data tables will be covered after the requirements gathering phase. More details about the implementation will be provided at
the end of the proposal such as any design or product improvements and new features.  


Regarding the Database

Cloud database is
a database which typically runs on cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web
Services (AWS), APacheCloudStack and Google Cloud Platform. In cloud databases
the data is stored as a cloud storage service so the data is only accessible as
a service, there is no physical existence of the database on any local storage.
The regular backup of the database is being taken from the service provider
such as AWS and APacheCloudStack and Google firebase database.

There are two
cloud database environment models which are being used by the service providers
namely, Traditional cloud model and Database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

In the Traditional
cloud database model, it is similar to oracle or MySQL databases systems in
which the content database will be run on a specific enterprise’s
infrastructure and any oversight will fall into the shoulders of the IT staff
of the company. Normally we call them the users of these specific databases. On
the other hand, Database as a services DBaaS runs on the service provider’s
infrastructure such as Google firebase database, Microsoft Azure etc. They’re
responsible for any hitches or glitches that may occur. These services all
provide databases that have been specifically designed for the cloud.


It is a mobile and web based development platform developed by Firebase
which was acquired by Google in 2011. We are going to use Firebase cloud database
in our project. it has a cost-free app-measurement tool that provides app usage
and user engagement data. It is also known as Google cloud messaging (GCM).
Firebase cloud messaging (FCM) has cross-platform support for android IOS and
web applications.


Amazon Web Services

web services (AWS) has a variety of cloud services for small business to large
enterprises, it includes both relational and NoSQL databases. Amazon Relational
Database runs on MYSQL, ORACLE and SQL server instances while amazon simpleDB
or NoSQL services is a schema less database which can be used by smaller businesses.
Amazon Dynamo DB is equipped with SSD which automatically replicates workloads
across the globe. Amazon offers both free AWS and paid services depending on
the storage.


Cloud SQL by Google

Cloud SQL by Google is another type of database service offered by
google, it is both an sql and NoSQL database. It has relational databases and a
big query analysis tool which runs on Google cloud platform


1.2.4 Google AppEngine Data Store

AppEngine Data store is a new type of data store engine and it is not a free
service, it is the alternative of Relation database.  The pricing of Google’s appengine data store
is given below.


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