3.4 issues. Moreover, mixed methods have developed

3.4 Qualitative Research Method Qualitative is a descriptive research methodology and the purpose of this research is to reveal the events or facts, circumstances, phenomena, variables and circumstances that occurred during the research by presenting what actually happened. This research interprets and describes the data concerned with the current situation, the attitude and the views that occur within a society, the difference between the facts and the influence on a condition. The purpose of this descriptive study is to make systematic, factual and accurate descriptions, drawings, or drawings of facts, attributes and relationships between the phenomena investigated. While according to Sugiyono (2005) stated that descriptive method is a method used to describe or analyze a research result but not used to make a broader conclusion. According to Whitney (1960), the descriptive method is a fact finding with proper interpretation. Qualitative research methods are a more in-depth way to emphasize in depth aspects of a problem.The purpose of this method is to broadly and deeply Understand a problem in depth to a problem being studied or to be studied and the data collected more letters, words or images than numbers. 3.5 Mixed Method Research The mixed method research implements the combination of two qualitative and quantitative methods due to the fact that research methodology continues to evolve, and mixed method is one of the developments that utilizes the strengths of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Moreover, the issues raised by social issues are so complex that applying only one method is certainly not sufficient to outline this complexity. Mixed methods are inherently neither more nor less valid that specific approaches to research. As with any research, validity stems more from the appropriateness, thoroughness and effectiveness with which those methods are applied and the care given to thoughtful weighing of the evidence than from the application of particular set of rules or adherence to an established tradition (Bazely, 2004). There are many benefits that can be obtained from this combination of qualitative and quantitative research compares to applying only one of the two methods separately. One of the benefits is to provide a broader understanding of this research issues. Moreover, mixed methods have developed into a set of procedures that researchers can use in designing their mixed research methods. In 2003, Handbook of Mixed Methods in the Social & Behavior Sciences (Tashakkori & Teddlie, 2003) was published, providing a comprehensive overview of the mixed method of this strategic research.  Johnson and Cristensen (2007) provide the following definition of mixed research methods. The combination research method is an approach in research that combines or connects quantitative and qualitative research methods. This includes the philosophical foundation, the use of qualitative and quantitative approaches, and combining both approaches in research.   3.7 Pilot Test  In this research the data collection is done to obtain the information needed in order to achieve the research objectives. The objectives expressed in the form of hypotheses are temporary answers to interest studies. The answer still needs to be tested empirically, and for this purpose it is necessary to collect data. The data were collected by a previously by questionnaire. The sample consists of a set of  questions analysis as a research target. In general, this pilot study is a preliminary study conducted on a small scale, with multiple objectives. The purpose is to identify how many women who is facing lower self-esteem due the visual of advertisements and build measuring tools, improve the skills of researchers, estimate the duration of the study and more. This questionnaires assigned to the public in Shah Alam area. Researcher also focusing this questionnaire to be answered by specific gender that is female.age 19 to 25 years old. The figure below shows a questionnaires that was conducted by the researcher. This method is also used during Post-test sections.Researcher have focuses on women age 19 to 25 years old to answer this sheets of questionnaires. A total of 3% of respondent age 19 years old and  another 3% total of women age 20 years old. Furthermore, a total of 13% is women age 21 years old while 7% equal to women age 23 years old. A total of 17% represents 22 and 25 years old women. Last but not least, a total of 40% represent women age 24 years old.In the diagram above all of the respondents, 64% agreed that it does affect lowering their self-esteem after they watch or see the visual in advertisement used while only 37% did not agree with it. It has been proved that most of the women felt down because of the ideal image that used in advertisement to portrayed products or services.In the diagram above shows that 84% of women agreed that the media of advertisement does making them feel less confident about how they look visually and only 17% did not agree with the questions asked.Figure above shows how respondent’s differentiate themselves by choosing to be natural, beautiful or ugly. Most of the respondent agreed they look more natural than beautiful. The percentage of women choose to a natural individual equal to 57% while those who agreed they look beautiful equal to 20% only. Even though the majority of the respondent are appreciating their visuals but there is still respondent claimed that they are ugly. A total of  24% women admit that they are ugly and it was more than women who choose that they are beautiful Figure above shows that a total of 70% respondent are comfortable in describing themselves as a beautiful woman while 30% of the respondent are not comfortable in describing themselves as a beautiful woman. This figure proved that there are still an issues between women y who decided to choose they are not comfortable about the visual they carried everyday.The diagram above proved that most of women did comparing themselveswith other women after watching the advertisement. A total of 74% agreed that they often comparing themselves with other women visuals right after they have


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