3.0 were written on a piece of paper

3.0 Impact of computer applications in medical and healthcareIn a world that keep on developing and extending, we can’t deny the fact that involving medical and healthcare to the developing rundown of fields that apply computer is a very good yet reasonable plan for the society. As the technology keep on become more and more powerful, medical and healthcare area can take this as advantage and make full use of technology in their field. By involving the use of computer in these area, the slogan, “amazing technology , graceful care” can be achieved easily achieved by society especially doctors and nurses. With computer applications, medicine and healthcare area are able to improving health qualities in our society effectively.3.1 Storage of database   Computer has a very useful function which is to store data base. Database can be store at some applications or software in the computer. Back to the days that doesn’t have modern technology like computer , ipad and tabs , patient’s health record were written on a piece of paper or in a card. As the technology become more advance, medical and healthcare field does not need to depend on those paper form record anymore. This is because the computer system can work very effectively and it does not have any limit of the data that we store. With such a wonderful invention, traditional system are replaced and the healthcare agencies expanded. For example, doctors and nurses can quickly get patient’s record easily at any time. Nowadays, many healthcare departments are required to take care of a patient. Paper-keeping record system are no longer effective as the health record of a patient cannot be distributed to many departments at the same time. Population of Malaysia increased from 8.157 million to 31.19 million (year 1960 to year 2016). We can’t deny the fact that the volume of medical records will increase as the number of population of a country increases. It seems impossible to make and keep medical records for millions through the paper-keeping system. At this time ,computer had become a very sufficient platform to record millions healthcare data. Apart from that , computer applications make the world more eco-friendly and less polluted as the paper usage for writing records. 3.2 Gaining patients’ acknowledgement      With computer applications, patients are able to seize the condition of their health. There are a few ways that can help patient to acknowledge their own health condition. For example, through x-ray, radiographs and more. These systems contribute a lots on recording , investigating and understand deeper about situation of a patient. If there is absence of these technologies , the health problems as well as diseases that faced by patient are unable to be detect. Hence, the chances of them receiving treatment on time become lower same goes to their survival rate. Apart from that , patients can also search general situation of their health online. For curious patients,they are able to learn more about their condition through frequently asked questions by others. Computer is very useful as they let patients to discover more about their enquiries in an easier way. Without computers, those healthcare knowledge or informations will be kept in papers form and it might gotten lost or misplace anywhere.Thus, patient will be very panic when they face a problems and do not know anything about it. As you can see , computer contributed a lots at this field.3.3 Providing high quality treatmentsImproving in computer applications helps a lots in healthcare field as it provides better treatment and less suffering to the patient. This is because new treatment machines are provided in hospital due to the advance of computer applications nowadays. With presence of modern computer applications , scientists or even pharmacists are able to produce medicine that are more effective for patients. For example , paracetamol that suitable for gastritis patients and so on. Computer applications in medical field may seem normal for most of us but have you ever thought that it plays a very important role in increasing the chance of recovery for billions life. Laser applications of computer enable patients to solve their problems in a less painful way. This is because laser applications of computer had slowly replace the manual way of curing certain diseases which is surgery. With this computer application , patient will be more fearless towards receiving treatments and give good cooperation to doctors.