2d. daily. Around 2005, YouTube’s founders announced

2d.  The data YouTube uses has to do with pixel resolution of videos. Basically more pixels means more data being used to store the video on YouTube. YouTube lets you upload a video in any format, but the videos must be under 15 minutes long and under 2 GB in size 3. The way YouTube produces data is by taking away space from the users device that they uploaded the video on. A data storage concern that has to do with YouTube is how much data is taken up when  you upload a video to the site based on the quality/resolution of the video.  For example, a video that is 360p will take up way less data than a video that is uploaded that is 1080p. 2c. YouTube has effects that are beneficial and harmful to society. A benefit that YouTube has is many educational videos are posted on the platform everyday about almost everything.  Teachers use YouTube to teach their students about what they are learning in class. YouTube has everything from gaming videos to news about the world and anyone can upload videos like these to provide knowledge to viewers all around the world. This brings society closer and more educated as a whole. YouTube has opened so many doors and opportunities to anyone around the world! YouTube can be accessed by anyone at any age and kids strive to be like the YouTubers they watch daily. Around 2005, YouTube’s founders announced that the amount of time watched on YouTube was the same as all of the movies in an entire Blockbuster store in one month 1. On the other hand, YouTube can be harmful to our society in the area of freedom of speech since people can upload videos about anything saying anything. This can cause major problems in our society because others make others feel bad and that gets put on the internet which makes others look bad. Another harmful effect on YouTube is commenting on videos, by sharing a video you allow people to leave comments on it and some of those comments could be rude and vulgar which could make someone feel bad and affect them socially(2). Youtube’s public features affect the lives of many people who receive hate comments everyday. Youtube has completely changed the world.


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